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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Valiant added a topic in General Discussion   

    Gundam Docks Singapore
    As part of the run in to the tenth anniversary of SEED RPG, Bandai Namco Asia presents Gundam Docks at Ngee Ann City Singapore. And while they're at it, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of gunpla.

    It's a long shot but if anyone happens to be in Singapore next month, let us know. We are organising a trip to check the exhibition out.
    See official site for more information.
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  2. Valiant added a topic in Technology Creation   

    Technology Creation
    By making a submission, you agree to the following:
    Each player is limited to three pending submissions per category at any time.Use metric measurements.Rejected submissions are entitled to an appeal only once.Credit all images used.No bumping allowed.You grant full rights to Advent Destiny to use the name, concept and idea of the submission. You also agree that the Judges make their decisions after careful consideration and accept that their decisions are final.
    Technology creation process
    Create a submission thread using the Technology Creation Template.A Judge will review the submission.Approved submissions can be used immediately.Rejected submissions appeal for a one-time reconsideration.Reconsideration appeal
    The Judge will suggest changes to be made for the submission to be approved. Changes can include tweaking the specs, improving the depth of the history, or creating a development thread where required or requested. The appeal will be rejected if the player declines to take on the recommendations.
    Do not edit the original post. Post the updated submission as a reply to the thread. The Judge reserves the right to reject the appeal if the changes made are not up to the required standard.
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  3. Lucifer added a post in a topic Moving away from a location-centric system   

    Tags linked from the maps maybe? Click on the location, and up pops the background, key information, and link to the RPs?
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  4. kct added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    @Ryou Misaki welcome back, this is one step closer to getting the OGs together.
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  5. Valiant added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    ​Glad you saw the message. Welcome back @Ryou Misaki.
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  6. Renliss added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  7. Renliss added a post in a topic Temporary Mibbit Chat   

    Thanks. My internet has been a bit spotty lately so camping the chat to ensure it stays active has been a bit difficult heh. 
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  8. kct added a post in a topic Temporary Mibbit Chat   

    I gonna park myself in the chat. Anyone free may join in for some top level banter.
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  9. Ryou Misaki added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Did you think for a moment I would miss this~
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  10. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    @‌Ryou Misaki   YOU'RE BACK. HI.
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  11. Ryou Misaki added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Ah, the old gang is getting back together.
    The memories are all coming back.
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  12. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Gundam hair salon   

    Think they can make me look more like Rau Le Sexay? 
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  13. Valiant added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    ​I'll check the editing issue. I suspect there's a time limit for edits to be made. The kick message is a known bug pending a fix. You've been camping there enough to notice the issue, @Renliss. I haven't encountered this to be honest.
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  14. Renliss added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    Won't let me go back and edit my previous post for some reason, but found something strange. When you hit "Leave Chatroom" on the top right, a message with appear in the chat window that says you have been kicked from the room. Not sure if that is supposed to happen, but it might be worth looking into. 
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  15. Renliss added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    I can access it, emoticons seem to work just fine, and the notification sound plays when there is a new message. The Leave Chatroom button works and redirects to the main forum page, which is nice. Can't really test more than that since there's no activity, but from what I can gather, there are no problems on my end. 
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  16. Valiant added a topic in General Discussion   

    Gundam hair salon
    Gundam haircut anyone?

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  17. the General added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    Error code: 2H269/5
    This is the error code I get if you're wondering.
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  18. Valiant added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    That's strange. Let me check.
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  19. the General added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    It says I can't access it. 
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  20. Valiant added a topic in Help Desk   

    Chat feedback
    Help us out with the chat function by testing it when you're online. Your feedback is important. Share what you think is good and bad about it and we'll see what we can do to make the experience better.
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  21. Valiant added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    Good points @Renliss and @Konigstiger. I have spoken to both of you on the issue of copyright in private, and that should remain private for now. But it is a big driving factor to shift to something original to avoid any complications in the future.
    Maybe I didn't explain well enough by what I mean by original. Original doesn't mean something generic that is open to everything under the sun. Perhaps the other threads are a bit misleading as well. Those are exploratory threads to get a feel of what kind of directions and themes we can and prefer to explore, but it doesn't mean we will accept everything thrown our way.
    Also, original doesn't mean a mashup of characters from different Gundam universe. I'm not sure what gave that idea. What I'm considering is to take certain aspects of how they portray the world, not the characters. We will have an AD world and the characters will be AD themed with an AD plot. Technology can be inspired by the various Gundam and mecha series. But it doesn't mean everything gets accepted. Hmmm... perhaps I should have posted about tech creation process earlier to give a better picture of how we approve tech. In any case, it isn't as haphazard as you guys are imagining it to be.
    A good thing that Konig pointed out to me is to start off from a CE inspired setting and then grow from there. So that avoids the copyright concerns and at the same time have some familiarity of the CE world.
    I hope that clarifies things. And now, on to the Wall of Text™ by Renliss.
    Yes, points will be awarded at the end of an RP thread. Character sheets might be making things too technical for what we are going for. The points system is more to facilitate the upgrading of the mecha and prevent overpowered units. Points system would also tie into the factions, i.e. factions with vast resources automatically have their units repaired and resupplied after each battle. But that depends on circumstances such as whether they are near a base. Poorer factions would have to salvage for parts or trade their skills for repairs, and they would have to live with the damages until they can procure the parts. Point system can also contribute to faction rank promotion.
    Rolled combat only in instances where players are unable to come to a consensus on the outcome. In cases where players agree beforehand who would win the battle or to what extent the battle will last until it ends, they can easily RP that out on their own. But if they happen to get into a fight where neither players want to lose, the narrator will decide on the outcome. In the case where the thread only involves two players and there's no narrator for the thread, they can request for a staff to mediate.
    There will be RP events that are critical to the plot, and those who register need to be actively RPing through the duration of the event. For general RP threads, players form the group and the narrator will lead. Or it can be a player volunteering to be the narrator and recruit potential players, and then they work out something that fits their characters that would make them want to be there. And on the point on realtime RP, I want to organise live sessions. So we set a time when everyone involved blocks out for RPing, probably weekends, and we have an intense one to two hour of RPing. Ideally, these sessions should be held it weekly or fortnightly.
    I'm actually in the midst of writing up a guide that would touch on most of these points raised. It was supposed to be up along with the factions guide but I was sick and in bed over the weekend. Good point on loot drops. Adding that to my notes. My previous idea of loot drops was more of players getting stuff for doing certain missions, such as seeking out someone who sells a rare item, or robbing/negotiating with a shop/factory to get parts/weapons, or a faction building a specific facility or taking over one to develop certain types of materials/weapons/tech. So that in itself is a quest with predetermined loot. Throwing in random drops will make it more enticing. All that you mentioned are possible scenarios/outcomes.
    It's not quite copying from the MUSH. I've seen these done in other RPs. It's the execution that is the tricky part. I would like to experiment with both arbitrary rewards and rolled rewards to see which works better in our system.
    As for the point system, check out the good work done by Konig in the other thread. It'll need refinement but it's a good start. Since we started AD, I've always envisioned us having our own home-brew system called AdventURE: the Advent Universe Role-playing Engine. Seems like we're finally on track to do that after all these years. 
    I'll hammer out the details on the system. The most pressing issue is still that of the storyline.
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  22. Valiant added a post in a topic Temporary Mibbit Chat   

    Nice initiative @Renliss. The chat feature should work now but we have limit of 5 user slots for the time being.
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  23. Renliss added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   


    ​I agree, copyrights should matter as long as we're just a fan community RP board. We aren't taking anything/publishing anything/claiming it as our own and we've given credit to the source material. We aren't making profits, so I'm not really sure why copyright infringement is an issue.
    ​I would like to stick to the Cosmic Era Gundam Universe as well. If we put as much effort into making the reborn AD as fun as the first iteration, we should have no problem generating interest for newcomers. We also have the advantage of learning from our past mistakes; we've already done this once. We've gone through years of what works and what doesn't, and we can use that to our advantage to make a stellar AD. When talking about AU's, we can take what we liked from the first AD and incorporate it, but we aren't BOUND by it. It could be a new beginning, an exciting fresh start. We get to decide what we do and don't use, and anything in between, really. It's really exciting when you think about it; the best parts of old AD combined with the new ideas we've learned along the way, it could be fantastic.
    I'm also afraid that if we go the generic route, there won't be enough pull for newcomers. If everything is generic and spread out, it will feel less like a dedicated community and more like a "come here and do whatever" style RP. I don't think that would be beneficial for what I think most of us are envisioning for AD. If we stuck to the CE universe, everyone would have the same base and every character would fit into the world. If we started doing generic Gundam mashups, we could have characters themed from CE, from FC, from AW and UC. We would have a mismatch of tech, characters, plots, and other things. At that point it would be a hell of a time organizing all of that into a coherent plot that everyone could follow and participate in as a community. From past experiences, I find that making things open and general sometimes hurts the RP in the longrun since it's harder to get everyone on the same page. Whereas if we define ourselves as CE, there wouldn't ever be that same level of confusion. That's not to say we couldn't make our own tech and ideas for an AU CE timeline either. If that were the case, it would be easier to incorporate than if we went the generic route; it would just be a matter of "Here is the canon CE things, and here are the things we've built upon in the CE universe" instead of "Here are some custom ideas, lets find a way to make them fit with all the generic ideas that are floating around".
    Bleurg, I hope that makes sense.   
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  24. Renliss added a topic in General Discussion   

    Temporary Mibbit Chat
    Hey folks! I figured since the chat at the top isn't working at the moment, we could make a temporary AD chat. Just a place for those online to talk real-time if they want to. As soon as the site chat goes live, we can migrate over there.
    Click the link, enter your nickname, and join the channel "#TempAD". I'll stay in the chat to keep the room open.
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  25. DarkLight added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    @Konigstiger Those manly tears mate.
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