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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Konigstiger added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    Has there been an issue with RP sites of using company owned show timelines such as Gundam (or any other property for that matter)? I'm not seeing any issues of infringement when it comes to using such data that is open to the public. I mean... we're not making any profits from it. So I think we're not infringing on Sunrise's and Bandai's property at all. I believe RP sites such as AD are pretty much close to a parody of sorts which is ok when it comes to copyrights. 
    I think it will depend on those who are interested in Cosmic Era timeline itself or general Gundam RP itself. I for one can slightly forgive Gundam SEED and pretty much loath Gundam SEED Destiny. Yet, I'am very interested in the Cosmic Era for it's potential to be as great and as vast as the UC Universe. Only that I cannot wait for Sunrise or Bandai to return to CE with a new show. SEED Destiny pretty much blew that already but hope slightly restored thanks to SEED Stargazer.
    What I'm trying to say is... lets stick to what we are. Our Identity. We are Advent Destiny, a RP forum site dedicated to Cosmic Era Gundam Universe. I don't think we need to appeal to what is hip or popular at the moment. Rather, we should develop our CE Alternate Universe that would be interesting to anyone in joining us. Weather its another UC fan or a general gundam fan or even just a regular RPer that has slight knowledge to the whole Gundam mythos, if we can make an interesting character driven set up but still sticking to the CE Universe and continuously developing our RP system to have more options and fun things to do... then I don't think we will have much problems when it comes to new members joining us. Of course, advertising the site would also help big time for us.
    But, let's stick to what we are... A Cosmic Era Gundam Universe RP Forum. 
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  2. Valiant added a post in a topic Moving away from a location-centric system   

    Ah, yes. We will definitely have a list of map locations. More like a compendium page that helps newcomers with the locations too..
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  3. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Moving away from a location-centric system   

    @Valiant Just a list of all of the tags that have been used on the site. I don't know if it's too much, but having a page on the forum set aside to show what tags are being used (like a total list of what locations were tagged, etc) might help organize what things are going on. 
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  4. Valiant added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    I'll address the game mechanics and workflow when I have more time. For now, I'll address the issue of the setting.
    Well, @Renliss made a good point of sticking to our roots. It is something I'm keeping in mind. That said, we have to consider that it has been a decade *gasp* since SEED was released. Having a more generic Gundam setting would appeal to a wider base of players and hopefully address the issue of the lack of players. I'm open to borrowing aspects of the Cosmic Era and the old Advent Destiny, and fusing that to make something original.
    Yes, we're all raring to go @Konigstiger. I can't wait to get started!
    We have a handful of players but how will we grow our ranks in the long run? Sustainability and growth. Would a Cosmic Era setting appeal to newcomers? Another reason for an original setting is to avoid copyright issues, though that might be less of an issue at this point in time. But we have plans that would mean that we want to avoid getting sued by Sunrise and Bandai.
    Those are my main concerns with sticking to our old setting. Glad to see more members sharing their thoughts.
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  5. Valiant added a post in a topic Moving away from a location-centric system   

    @BrightBlurr, what do you mean by a list of tags used? Do you mean a standardised or recommended list of tags?
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  6. Valiant added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Welcome back @Shaftronics and @kct!
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  7. Konigstiger added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Seeing all these old familiar names brings manly tears.

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  8. Konigstiger added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    Well said and my sentiments on getting the ball rolling.
    I believe with our current situation and number of members (which are all veterans of AD at the moment) it is best to go with the old AD storyline, since it pretty much follows on the CE Universe timeline of events. By either rebooting it or continuing where we left off, we get to enjoy what we liked and what has already been tested and worked in the past. So I say, let's dust off the old storyline and bring back the nostalgia. I know it maybe hard to progress further to what you intend @Valiant but I think we can still bring in the advance space travel in our CE Universe bit by bit. Baby steps if you will. That members get to also shape the world you want to tell and it might even grow even better. Then we can also update our RP systems as we go.
    You can tell I'm already itching to get this started already . Well... we got the momentum going already. Old AD members are now coming back. More likely most them are also itching to jump back into the fray. SO let's dive in.
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  9. Shaftronics added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Don't really consider myself significant, nor can I recall anything that made me memorable.
    Anyway, long story short; Graduated, served 2 years in the Singapore Civil Defense Force, finished as a Corporal. Got a job. I've been working in security for the past year and 4 months now. Hopefully I can upgrade myself and get better prospects.
    That aside; My first Gundam-related thing I've ever built was this; SD Nise Gundam. Made more adorable if you knew about his backstory.
    My first exposure to Gundam was the weird live-action, button-input game on the PC (also released on the PS1), which piqued my interest. Also, my sister was into Anime and the anime artstyle, and a lot of the magazines she got (90's Anime Dengeki, Hobby Japan, etc). Despite my inability to speak or read Mandarin, I enjoyed watching Gundam Wing on the local Chinese Channels here as well. The first actual English Gundam ever aired on our local channels was SEED, even if the Arcades already had the old Federation vs Zeon games where only the true hardcore geeks/nerds would understand. (This was the time of early broadband. Y'know, Blog rings, angelfire, the like, so there weren't many social platforms to talk about Gundam unless you already knew.)
    With the age of the Internet, and me getting a good enough Broadband to participate on the forums, and eventually watching nearly every Gundam animated feature out there, here I am now.
    I've expanded my horizons into liking most Real Robot stuff, like Macross and many of the Super Robot Taisen originals. I'm a huge, huge fan of the Alteisen and any of its derivatives.
    Welp. Hopefully I'll stick around.
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  10. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Moving away from a location-centric system   

    I think that'd be pretty cool. Is there any way you can post a list of tags used? Kind of like on Live journal? 
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  11. Renliss added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  12. kct added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    I'm not familiar with Deus Ex (series), but from what I recalled they're pretty big with the whole implants and human augmentation thing. In fact in Human Revolution, that was a pretty big plot point to go with.
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  13. kct added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    ​Yep, that's probably a very easy job for me. It's just a matter of redoing the history to suit the new AU.
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  14. kct added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    I am the one and only kct (as if that's a thing), and someone who's probably crazy enough to have a person in almost every faction.
    Time to get the ball rolling mates.
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  15. Renliss added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    Right. Here it goes. **WARNING, WALL OF TEXT DETECTED**
    I had been part of a Gundam MUSH a while back and their approach was interesting. Their story started at the first episode of SEED and used it's history as a base, but from that point onwards, the story was what the characters made it. For example, Kira never made it to the Strike and was killed, there wasn't a lot of focus on the canon characters (though some did pop up from time to time) and the story followed the characters, not the heroes of SEED. It was basically a re-telling of SEED in such a way that we shaped it ourselves, essentially creating an AU SEED. It worked surprisingly well and allowed the players to go in lots of different directions. IC choices had IC consequences that affected the world (Who was in charge, what battles took place where, etc etc). It was heavily focused on characters as opposed to plot; plot was still important, but it was the characters and their struggles that really made a lot of the RP scenes shine. 
    Another thing they did was what was already suggested with the customization; you got points that you could use to buy suits and upgrade them with weapons and equipment. Each suit/weapon/equipment had stats for rolled combat, but most scenes were done entirely as RP instead of a D&D styled combat round. I liked it because it added versatility and kept combat fresh. Each character had a character sheet as well for rolled combat or other events, but most things were RPed instead of rolled. These points were rewarded for completing scenes and RPing, and sometimes as options in loot drops. 
    As for player activity, they had an interesting system in place. Instead of creating an event and telling everyone to join, the admin would send out an announcement asking interested players to send them a tell/PM if they wanted to partake. They then incorporated those characters into the scene naturally. This ensured that the people in any given scene WANTED to be there. I feel RP was a lot smoother and rewarding as a result. Granted, that was based on real time RP as opposed to forum-based RP, so I'm not sure how well it would work in this scenario. Worth mentioning though, I reckon.
    Loot drops could be another idea. At the end of scenes, the DM running the scene would make a list of loot (suits, equipment for suits, weapons for suits, character scale equipment like weapons or other vehicles, or even just points for suit customization, novelty items, character specific rewards etc etc) and the players involved would roll 1d100. Highest or lowest roll would to choose what they want. The DM would try to make it make sense in terms of the storyline as well, (Like if the scene is raiding a ZAFT station for example, the loot will be all ZAFT stuff that would be on the station naturally.) Sometimes, if the scene was a big one and it was well-done, the DM would give out specific character rewards that made sense for a character (Like if your military character was involved in a large-scale successful mission, they could get a reward of a promotion in their faction, a favour from someone higher up, or things like bases or buildings that they could customize and put to their own uses in the world). I really liked this because it helped characters establish and maintain a certain sense of uniqeness. A non-combat character and a military character could be involved in the same thread and get completely different rewards that reflected what their character was all about.  
    Not saying 'copy everything from this MUSH ever!' but I just wanted to point out some of the features that made it a fun experience for me personally.
    In terms of the actual customization/battle/character sheet thing, I am unfamiliar with any system that we could use as my experience is pretty much limited to Pathfinder/D&D, Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds, and some homebrew Fallout stuff haha. Those systems are very number/math heavy though so my initial thoughts are that they're unsuited to a more casual forum-styled environment like this. There's a system called The Window that is a lot simpler but I'm not sure if this is the style we're really going for. We could just as easily separate number/math threads from the ones that we want as strictly RP, or even make up a homebrew system. I'm not good with numbers, I dunno lol. I reckon it would have to be relatively simple otherwise it might discourage people from wanting to take part in threads that required the system. Maybe just some base ability scores and modifiers, basic skills, and then stats for suits/weapons maybe. 
    I'd be interested in trying something similar with the storyline; set a start point in the timeline (like Heliopolis being attacked or something else), have an event to kick things off, and have the world and characters branch out on their own from there. It would mean it would still be an original AD storyline, but it would be familiar in the sense that it still takes place in the same world/universe. We could add or take away what we wanted (Canon characters/events, tech, etc etc) according to how our individual AD storyline progressed, and it would still make sense in the universe since the universe itself was organically created through everyone's collaboration. We could make it as serious or silly as we wanted and essentially just create from the ground up in such a way that it still feels like Gundam SEED, but it would be our Gundam SEED. Heck, we could even introduce AU versions of our previous characters if it feels SEED-ish enough haha. 
    This post is already really long so I'll wrap it up by saying that whatever we decide to do, I hope its in the vein that its still at least somewhat related to Gundam SEED as opposed to dropping everything and making it a more Generic Gundam RP. I reckon a lot of us came to SEED RPG and Advent Destiny because it was SEED related (I know I did), so it would be nice to keep that root/base.
    Sorry for the wall of text.

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  16. the General added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    Yeah, it would probably be an implant. The omni tool could also, with upgrades or something expensive, act like G-Gundam's mobile Trace System and allow the pilot to turn thought into action. Maybe by using the OMNI-tool to directly connect to the MS's OS. But then again, with that kind of 1:1 movement, the MS itself would need to have some advanced framework and articulation. An OMNI-tool could also be used to try and hack, like the other thread suggested. Possibilities are endless.
    Another idea would be like the UI shown in Accel World.
    It could also make people go Borg, lol.
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  17. Valiant added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    I know what that is, but we're talking about biological mods or enhancements. That's a device that you wear. Unless you're talking about implanting something like that.
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  18. the General added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    What about having something like Mass Effects OMNI-Tools? If you haven't played mass effect, here's a link. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Omni-tools
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  19. Valiant added a post in a topic Planetary Classifications   

    It wasn't mentioned anywhere that it's a galactic setting.
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  20. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Moving away from a location-centric system
    Back on the old Advent Destiny, we used the outdated system of having forums and sub-forums to represent the locations. That resulted in empty or rarely-used boards. It also restricted where players can role-play. We will be moving on to a new system where role-plays will be created as threads and are free to jump between locations as long as they role-play or mention the travelling involved.
    You might wonder how we will keep track of the location then? The answer is the tags system. RP threads are to be tagged with their locations. Other players can click on the tag and get the full list of role-plays that occur in that particular location.
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  21. the General added a post in a topic Planetary Classifications   

    Ah, okay, my bad for the miss understanding.
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  22. Valiant added a post in a topic Planetary Classifications   

    No, we're not doing a galactic setting. It'll still be in the Solar System.
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  23. the General added a topic in General Discussion   

    Planetary Classifications
    I saw that the new AD might be a galactic faction type system. So, while I was making this for my personal universe, I decided to share it here. I am still working on it, but things can be changed if needed. I opened it so anyone can edit/comment on it.
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  24. Valiant added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    Integrating or moving from the old to a new storyline might be tricky because the world is tied down to what we have. Unless we have end up with armageddon and start afresh. But that would make our previous efforts go to waste. Still, it's important to get feedback like this. You nailed it, @Konigstiger. Key is to get the ball rolling.
    Good point, @Renliss. I kept it open to interpretation because I feel that the level of interest might push us either way. Though in hindsight it might not give a good portrayal of what the actual level of interest would be. My preference is still for a new start with an AU for our old characters. I believe most of us still have our old character sheets or at least a general idea of it.
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  25. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Biological modifications and enhancements
    Biological modification was something new that Cosmic Era brought to the Gundam genre. We have genetic enhancements in the Coordinators, cloning, and biochemical modification in the Extendeds and human CPUs.
    What other kinds of biological modifications and enhancements would be possible with advanced technology? Cyborgs? Biological and mechanical implants could add an interesting dimension to the world too. Look at Andrew Waltfeld's prosthetic arm. 
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