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Activity Stream

  1. Valiant added a post in a topic Coliseum   

    Great job @Konigstiger! I'll need some time to digest these.
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  2. Konigstiger added a post in a topic Coliseum   

    As promised @Valiant
    Here are the guidelines for the Point System that I have encoded from previous RP site I was on. Just say when you want to edit these documents for use in AD.
    The Overview
    Mobile Suit Design Rules
    Mobile Armor Design Rules
    Weapon Rules for Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors
    System Rules for Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors
    Ship Design Rules
    Ship Weapons and System Rules
     Design Guidelines
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  3. the General added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Right Handed
    Strike Rouge or Noble Gundam
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  4. Renliss added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    I haven't voted because I'm not sure about the context. Do we mean "attempt to recreate the old AD and RP our characters there as the main plot" or "Create an AU where we can RP our old characters as they were for nostalgia/closure sake"?
    It'd be nice to RP old characters in some capacity, but maybe not at the expense of a new start.
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  5. Konigstiger added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    I voted Yes. But would like to do new characters. Not saying the new storyline is not my thing... I love the vast open space RP storylines like Mass Effect and Star Wars... just that I think it's best to start AD all over again by going back to old storyline just to get things going again. Test the new RP systems we've been talking about if it'll work or not. We can build up the new storyline while we enjoy the old one. That way, we can refine it further rather than just waiting for inputs till its done. Or... we could even integrate said new storyline into the old one as a progression. Let's enjoy RPing while working on the new one is what I'm saying.
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  6. Valiant added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    @BrightBlurr there you go.
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  7. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    Need a maybe in there. A maybe option.
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  8. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?
    Gauge the interest and test the new poll system. Kill two birds! 
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  9. Valiant added a post in a topic Space travel   

    Yeah, @HHLkill3r. Solar sail seems like a very good means of transports, especially since we know the travel time for various payload.
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  10. Valiant added a topic in Advent Destiny Role-play   

    Annexation Rules
    Major Factions are able to claim territories. When they wish to take over an unoccupied territory, they are required to carry out an Annexation thread. Each Major Faction can be involved in multiple concurrent Annexations. 
    Other factions are not allowed to interrupt an Annexation thread. Other Major Factions can initiate another Annexation thread for the same territory.
    The faction leader involved will be the narrator of the Annexation thread and will be in charge of creating the thread.
    All Annexations have to abide by the following rules:
    Tag the topic with the name of the faction involved. Remember to use the full name of the faction in title case.The faction must have a minimum of 3 players participating.Each player must not post more than a third of the total posts in the thread.The thread must have a minimum total of 50 posts from both factions.All posts must be be of good quality to avoid the the number minimum posts required being increased.Any breach of the Annexation rules would result in a failed occupation attempt.
    When the thread is completed, the faction leader must contact an Administrator, who would review the Annexation. If the occupation is approved, the territory will be assigned to the faction.
    If two factions finish an annexation of the same territory within 30 minutes of each other, an Invasion thread must be initiated to determine the ownership of the territory. The faction that decides not to join the Invasion thread loses the territory by default.
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  11. Valiant added a topic in Advent Destiny Role-play   

    Invasion Rules
    Major Factions are able to claim territories. In some cases, the territories they wish to take over is occupied by another Major Faction. This requires the faction to carry out an Invasion thread. Each Major Faction can only be involved in one Invasion thread at a time.
    When a Major Faction decides to invade a territory, the faction leader must contact the faction leader of the defending Major Faction to discuss the Invasion. This is to ensure a fair and balanced battle.
    The faction leaders involved will be the narrators of the Invasion thread. The invading faction leader will be in charge of creating the Invasion thread.
    All Invasions have to abide by the following rules:
    Tag the topic with the name of the factions involved. Remember to use the full name of the faction in title case.Each faction must have a minimum of 3 players participating. The faction that is unable to meet this requirement within 72 hours of the thread creation will forfeit the battle.The thread must have a minimum total of 50 posts from both factions.Any breach of the Invasion rules would result in the victory being awarded to the defender.
    When the thread is near completion, the faction leaders must convene to decide on the victor. If the faction leaders are unable to come to an agreement at any point, they can request for an intervention by an Administrator, who would make the final decision.
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  12. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    We need high resolution maps with reasonable details for the purpose of our role-play. Please help to find a good copy that we can use.
    Here's a list of the maps I'm looking for:
    World mapMap of the MoonMap of MarsGraphics showing the moons of Mars and JupiterGraphic of the space between the Earth and Jupiter, or a graphic of the Solar System up to Jupiter.
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  13. the General added a post in a topic Impact of the technology   

    Hacking wise. Mouretsu Pirates did a good job at Electronic Warefare. http://mouretsupirates.wikia.com/wiki/Electronic_Warfare
    Don't know how hacking could be done IC or OOC for that matter. 
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  14. HHLkill3r added a post in a topic Space travel   

    one interesting concept for space travel would be to utilise the Stargazer tech or an advanced version of it on ships/carriages - namely Volture Lumiere ie: faster speed - as we know already how long it'd take for that system to travel - this would in turn be able to allow us to speed up the space travel also.
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  15. Valiant added a post in a topic Impact of the technology   

    Good to see you contributing, @BrightBlurr! Most Gundam series have radar jamming through some means. In Universal Century, Minovsky particles were dispersed in battlefields and they disrupt low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves and radio waves. In Cosmic Era, neutron jammers were distributed all over Earth to render nuclear weapons useless, and these jammed radar and conventional communications as well. Rationale being to make battle harder, with pilots having to rely on visuals more than radars etc.
    Hacking and counter-hacking could be done by the on-board computer. The pilot doesn't and shouldn't need to be involved in that. And the effort to hack into a mobile weapon might be a lot less significant than hacking into a capital ship. Taking out the main guns of a capital ship can turn the tide of the battle.
    ​You just described God-modding. You can't force action on another player. You can, however, get the narrator to do a die roll to check if the move succeeds. I expect all of us to be sensible enough to be responsible with the actions of our characters. But you raised a good point on how we need to set some guidelines. We need to explore what kind of uses we can have with more advanced real life technology in a mecha setting. Unless the consensus is to go for a setting where despite the advances in robotics, other areas of technology is lagging behind or impaired by things other new inventions.
    As for unmanned mobile suits, it has been touched upon in the After Colony timeline where they had Mobile Dolls. It is an interesting aspect to RP about. How having a drone eliminates the human factor in an attack and that can risk of losing a pilot. But how would that influence how the attacks would be carried out? All out kamikaze attacks? When you don't suffer losses in battle, how does that impact the way battles are perceived and the consequences. It's quite a topic to go into.
    Well done, @BrightBlurr. Yes, we need more food for thought. 
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  16. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Impact of the technology   

    Just wanted to bring up a couple of points - and if I'm wrong on anything, please don't hesitate to correct me.
    Most Gundam series showed communication, via mobile suits, through monitors or radio waves, something like that. And from what I saw, if you wanted to connect to a pilot who your machine might not be familiar with, a lot of calibration went into having that access. So that your camera can project onto another suit's screen. I've mostly watched CE verse, so that at least falls true for it. With that in mind, it might be possible to gain some control over the mobility of a suit. But how much time would it take for that to happen? Would this kind of 'hacking' even be possible in the middle of a battle?
    What bothers me even more is how we'd play this out in roleplay. It seems like something that could easily be abused. Like me, for an instance, battling Valiant, and randomly typing: "BrightBlurr spends one second making her machine hack Valiant's, and when his machine shuts down from tampering with his operating system, BrightBlurr zeroes in on him with a beam rifle," or something catastrophic like that. How do we know when or when it isn't right to be using something like that?
    I kind of like the idea of technology like that being implimented during story though. One of the issues I remember in MSAD was battles dragging on, until the writers got bored or left. Having the ability for the vessel, higher tech ones, to be able to monitor their machines in battle and make critical decisions when pilots might be incapable would be useful. And it'd give a story reason why a battle might conclude. It would also make it easier for the moderators of threads/narrators to control how long a thread lasts. It could also add more elements to the idea of using a vessel in actual roleplay, something that otherwise might seem slow and boring.
    The hacking idea, although interesting, might be a little difficult to put in without some sort of boundaries. How often, and when it can be used.  I'm not really sure about that.
    I also kind of like the idea of technology evolving. I don't really know where AD's main thread is standing, but something that mecha hasn't touched on is mobile suits maybe being operated by a source outside of the mobile suit. Like a remote control car. The pilot doesn't have to be in the suit. It could serve as an interesting way for a captain on board a vessel to mobilize defense during immense battles. Something to play out on. I don't know. ; ;
    Either way this is just kind of food for thought.
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  17. BrightBlurr added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Definitely DOTA. 
    Left hand or right hand?
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  18. Valiant added a faction in Major Factions   

    Earth Alliance
    See the Compendium entry for more information.
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  19. Valiant added a faction in Major Factions   

  20. the General added a post in a topic Space travel   

    Economy should determine that. Some countries would have elevators some mass drivers and others might not have the cash and just go for conventional rockets. As for interplanetary travel, I suggest just sticking to what gundam had. They never really had anything faster than large ships and mobile suits, Reconguista had the Venus Globe ship, but that's because it was like thousands of years past the UC. I don't think CE has that, even with the VL. That was just on a very select few MS and was probably expensive beyond use. I say stick with Nuclear, Rockets, Deuterion and the stuff CE already has. 
    If there was interplanetary travel, I'd suggest doing it bebop style with warp gates. I like how they did that. No one had ftl or near light speeds. Only did they get that speeds by warping between them using gates. 
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  21. Valiant added a topic in Announcements   

    Character profile template
    Character images go here.
    Full name: Give your character a name, even if it might not be their real one. Canon names are not allowed.
    Faction: Does your character belong to any faction?
    Rank: Does your character have any social title or hold a rank in their faction?
    Age: This helps other players gauge your character's appearance and behaviour.
    Sex: Is your character male, female, transgendered etc?
    Height: How tall is your character?
    Weight: How heavy is your character?
    Eyes: What is the natural eye colour of your character?
    Hair: What is the natural hair colour of your character? Is your character's hair dyed?
    Skin: What's your character's skin colour?
    Handiness: Is your character left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous?
    Describe your character's personality. Some things to include are the behaviour, rationale, personal beliefs, way of thinking, motivation,and how these affect their way of life and their interaction with others. Be sure to update this section as the role-play progresses.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Your character should have at least two weaknesses. Remember, it might be easier to describe a situation that highlights your character's traits rather than simply describing it.
    Describe your character's physical appearance. This is how other players will see your character.
    Describe in detail, preferably five to seven paragraphs of at least six sentences each, your character's back story up to the point where you started role-playing as the character. Be sure to update this section as the role-play progresses.
    List down notable belongings that your character owns, especially items that were created and have an entry in the Compendium. This is to help other players if they need to look for references when role-playing with you. You do not need to list every single item that your character has.
    Post the names of the player-controlled characters that your character has killed and link to the thread that the event happened.
    List chronologically the links and the titles to all the role-play threads that your character is in. State if the role-play is in progress or completed.
    Coliseum battles
    List the Coliseum battles that your character participated in.
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  22. Valiant added a topic in Announcements   

    Character Creation
    Your character is not God, not immortal, and not invincible. The most human character is one that readers relate to the most. Make your character believable. Your character profile is the how other players get the first impression of your character. Providing detailed information about your character gives your character a good start in the role-play.
    A good character biography helps other players get to know you and your role-play skills. In some sense, this is a "sample RP" that is required by some RPG sites.
    Your character should have a proper name. If you are using the same family name as another character and are not related, state so explicitly. If you wish to play a relative of another character, please seek permission from the character owner before doing so. 
    Ideally, you should use a unique name to give you character individuality. Names of canon characters are not allowed. Avoid naming your characters after real life persons or famous characters. Be original.
    Each character must be represented by an avatar. The avatar helps other players to identify your character. You can change the avatar to signify a change in the character. However, avoid switching avatars too often as that would defeat the purpose of having an avatar.
    Many people tend to be very vague about their characters' personality. Try to avoid stating "Depends on the situation" or something along that line. Give something solid that other players can relate to. Or describe a specific situation that highlight a particular character trait. Unique traits make your character easily recognizable.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    To create a good character, try to keep your character as realistic as possible. Strengths and weaknesses are not always what they are. A strength in a situation can be a weakness in another. No one is perfect. Everyone has a flaw which might turn advantageous for them in certain situations.
    Personality oddities add an extra dimension and realism to your character. Play around with them to find a blend that suits you and create a character that is real, one that you can call your own.
    A big mistake in describing your character's appearance is to state "See avatar" or simply post an image of how the character looks like. It shows that you are not too interested in the role-play and your character. Do not let the character avatar limit the appearance of your character. Let you imagination run free! Be creative!
    You can choose to use the fields provided and tell us about your character. It would be more interesting and a good practice if you describe the character's appearance in prose form. Describing the appearance is a good practice for your descriptive skills and it shows that you are serious about the role-play.
    Never refer to things outside the role play. Saying something like "She wears a suit like  the one worn by Aeon of Aeonflux." wouldn't make sense since there is no Aeonflux in the role play. You don't see a novelist using that kind of description.
    Be realistic. Try to let your character's hair colour be natural. That does not mean that a character can be born with blue or green hair. They can have their hair dyed but remember to state the natural colour too.
    Identifying marks can range from birthmarks to tattoos to scars to simple things like thin-framed glasses or neatly trimmed moustache. Scars and tattoos are overused. Small details can still be unique.
    Please note that ambidextrous characters would be able to use skills as competently with both hands but would suffer a penalty compared to a character who favours one hand. In other words, the a right-handed character can write better with the right hand compared to an ambidextrous character while the ambidextrous character would write better with the left hand than the right-handed character.
    Try to think of certain important experiences your character has had. Personal history does not mean writing down your character's life story. That would just be too boring. Try to be creative and think of unique situations your character faced that shaped him or her into the person he or she is.
    Characters can develop and change as time goes by. We change in real life, so can your characters. They grow with each experience they gain. They would eventually die, either of  old age or die a glorious death in battle. We encourage you to update the history section to document the changes to your characters as a result of their encounters in the role-play.
    Be reasonable when creating this list. Only list notable items that may affect the role-play and how other players interact with your character. Link to items that have an entry in the Compendium. You should be able to show or prove that you earned the special items in the role-play.
    This helps readers to follow the journey of your character through the RP. This is a list of the RP threads that the character has been involved in. It is good practice to do this when you join a role-play thread so you will not forget to do so later on. If you have a long list, consider categorising them by events, such as battles or wars.
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  23. Valiant added a topic in Advent Destiny Role-play   

    This article refers to factions in the Advent Destiny role-play only.
    Advent Destiny has an open creation system for factions. Any players can create a faction.
    Minor factions
    All factions start off as a minor faction, with the exception of the main factions of the role-play. Minor factions that meet the requirements can request to be promotion to a Major faction in the Role-play Discussion board. Minor factions that have not been involved in an role-play can be declared inactive by a staff at any time and be removed.
    Major factions
    Major factions are factions that have remained active and contribute consistently to the role-play. They might or might not play a significant role in the storyline.
    As a reward, Major factions are granted the following benefits:
    They are able to role-play having a large fleet or army, and have large pools of resources and manpower.They are granted access to dedicated faction boards.They are able to occupy neutral territories and engage invade enemy territories.They can declare a city as their capital or headquarters.To become and remain as a Major faction, the faction has to meet the following requirements:
    Be active. Minor factions need to be active for 30 days before it is eligible for promotion.Have 5 or more players with active characters in the faction.Have a feasible background and history that fits into the role-play.The faction creator automatically assumes the role of the faction leadership. They should be role-playing a high-ranking character within the faction. Should the faction leader step down or removed from the position due to inactivity, the faction will vote publicly to elect a new faction leader.
    Faction leaders are responsible for the discipline in their faction and help the staff to enforce the General and Role-play rules.
    Major faction demotion
    Should a Major faction infringes on the rules or become inactive, the staff may initiate a vote to revoke its major faction status. If the vote is passed, the faction will be served a notice of closure. The faction will have 14 days to boost the activity of its members or address the rule infringement. After the 14 days, the staff will vote again to determine if the faction retains its Major faction status or be demoted to a Minor faction.
     If the Major faction is demoted to a Minor faction, it loses its benefits. It will not be able to role-play having a large fleet or army, and it will lose control of its territories. The faction boards will be closed.
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  24. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Space travel
    This has always been an issue that Gundam series try to address. We have mass drivers in the Cosmic Era, space elevators in Anno Domino and the Regild Century. After Colony stuck to the use of conventional rockets to lift massive space shuttles into space. How would we travel from Earth into space in Advent Destiny? Reusable space rockets such as those being tested by SpaceX?
    How do we travel in space then? Sub-light speed burn to go from Earth to Moon, Mars and even Jupiter. How long would that take? How would faster travel be feasible? Something along the lines of Voiture Lumiere used by Stargazer? A solar sail might be feasible mode of interplanetary travel but not everyone would have the resources to build one.
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  25. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Impact of the technology
    One interesting thing that Valvrave raised was the use of technology in a mecha setting. Imagine having social media where everyone is constantly connected to the internet. How does that affect the spread of information and coverage of armed conflicts? How can that technology factor into the battle between mecha?
    Mass Effect series played on this as well, where ships try to hack into each other to disable their weapons or even seize control of their systems to take down the enemy vessels. How would that work out in mecha duels? Would the mecha come with firewalls or barriers to defend against cyber warfare?
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