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Activity Stream

  1. DarkLight added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  2. Valiant added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Welcome back @DarkLight and @Wilhelm!
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  3. Wilhelm added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    It would be nice to have some separation if people intend on finishing their unfinished business, but within particular constraints. This would simple be a side-story or a what-if type of scenario that wouldn't affect what story-line/plot the main RP is about. We don't want to have far too many of these AUs floating about that makes it harder for newer people to jump in and share in the experience or slowdown due to people not posting and continuing the experience. So player A could finish a fight with their rival, or conclude some epic battle that they were part of on the old boards. 
    These AUs can play for extra back-story for X characters. For example someone creates say a X Nation Military Academy where X characters get to rp about their characters in their early days of being at the lowest point of the totem pole, explain friendships to X RP buddy, or something purely just for fun. A beach party event where for some reason enemies/allies are in one place for no reason but to engage in friendly competition. It would be fun to have a few things like this rolling around, but it would be there for entertainment, and laughs. 
    I would suggest keeping a say Main RP Board with X locations, and keeping a separate one for Alternate Universe Topics.  
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  4. Wilhelm added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Hey guys its me Wilhelm from the good ol'days. Vets from back in the day will know me as Alicia Deiderich. Its been a long time coming. 
    the mecha/real robot genre has been my favorite since the beginning. It started with a mix of Macross, 0079, 0080 and 0083 being my gateway into the series. I've always been fascinated by Gundam, I had the model kits, playing cards, and even now in my adult life I still try to build models/purchase them when I have the time. My true love is a stark line between Macross and Gundam being my all time favorites. 
    I am somewhat of a mech whore as well, I love memorizing stats about X piece of machinery, and what could be done with said equipment. Its nice that sometimes there is consistency in what a machine has when you see it in action. I also used to like making frakenmecha using lineart from all sorts to create something anew or adapt it for another universe. 
    :3 Its good to be home. 
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  5. DarkLight added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Heeeeey~ It's me DarkLight! 

    Err about me? Well, not much to say other than me being a lurker of some sorts :3

    I haven't done any RP'ing at all!

    But this could be the time I guess ^_~
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  6. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Advent Destiny RP
    We have discussed this on the Facebook Group. Let's expand upon that and work out a suitable setting for our canon role-play.
    I understand that some of our members wish to continue their previous role-play storylines. I hear you. I would like to propose we embrace Sunrise's practice of having alternate universes. So we can have Advent Destiny: Endless Stargazer or Advent Destiny: Stardust Trailblazer. The onus is on the members find players, come to a consensus on the premise of the RP and, to a certain extent, have autonomy over the running of the RP.
    The advantages of this include giving members more flexibility to choose the story and settings they wish to RP in, and making it easier for members to play their characters in different situations. At the same time, we can maintain a canon Advent Destiny RP that is an original storyline.
    One big drawback would be stretching our membership too thinly over too many RPs. It is a concern but my opinion is that we won't know how things will turn out if we don't give it a try. If it fails, we learn from it and refine the system.
    Thoughts please. =)
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  7. Valiant added a topic in Role-play Discussion   

    Our members loved the Coliseum. It was one of the most, if the the most, popular corners of Advent Destiny. I found it quite surreal to see the concept of a battle arena come to life in the Gundam Build Fighters series. Seeing the characters dish it out in Gunpla Battle made me itch for a battle.
    Anyone else similarly inspired and yearning for a match?
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  8. Valiant added a topic in General Discussion   

    Introduce yourself!
    Hey there! New to Advent Destiny and old-timers alike, pop in here and say a few words about yourself so that the rest of us can get to know you!
    I'll start the ball rolling.
    Valiant, founder of the SEED RPG and Advent Destiny. I'm a big fan of Gundam and to an extent, the mecha genre. My obsession with Gundam and writing spurred me to start a Gundam role-playing forum. Writing in my first love, but photography is my passion. I have many favourites when it comes to Gundam, so it is hard for me to pick. Rather, I'll give a brief detail of Gundam journey.
    When I was young, I would pick up my dad's model magazines with pictures of Gundams. That intrigued me. However, my eyes were still veiled. Even my encounters of gunpla sets in the shopping malls did not result in an obsession, largely because I was too young to grasp the concept of building figurines. Why go through the trouble when you can just buy ready made toys?
    My early experience of the mecha genre revolved around BattleTech, Patlabor and the super robot sub-genre. My first taste of Gundam came in the form of Gundam Wing. It was shown on TV back at a time before anime became a huge thing outside of Japan. I was hooked. I bought posters, cards, and created a Gundam Wing web shrine through coding raw HTML in Notepad. As it were for teenagers, that flicker was extinguished when I got into gaming and Star Wars. Gundam SEED was released before I entered university. With a lot of spare time and little to do, I gobbled up the series and wanted more. I plunged into research on the genre. And I've been immersed in Gundam since.
    I also founded MechaBay, our sister site, that is dedicated to providing a high quality mecha database. I'm still a sysop on the Gundam Wiki but that encyclopaedia is in such a mess that it is almost impossible to clean up. MechaBay is sort of a reset to build a proper mecha database from a clean slate. A crowdsourced database like the Gundam Wiki has the advantage of sheer volume of content, but I believe that we can build up MechaBay a step at a time and come away with a polished site that is free of distracting advertisements. If you are keen to help, drop me a private message.
    And with that, I look forward to meeting and getting to know our members new and old.
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  9. Valiant added a topic in Announcements   

    General Rules
    Welcome to Advent Destiny. It is a pleasure to see you join our community of passionate role-players. Please abide by our rules when using the website. These rules cover the the use for the whole site. Rules regarding role-playing are detailed under Role-play rules. We are here to enjoy ourselves so we would like to keep restrictions minimal, but at the same time, we need some rules to ensure a civil environment where our members can indulge in fulfilling interactions.
    By posting on this site, you agree that:
    You are least thirteen (13) years old, or guided by a parent if younger.You are responsible for anything that is posted by your account.You will not submit content that engages in criminal behavior or that encourages others to engage in criminal behavior.You will not engage in behaviour that is abusive, harassing, disruptive, trolling, or threatening to another user.You will not submit content that contains obscenities, pornography, profanity, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, slander, threats, or any other forms of discrimination directed at another user.You will not spam. Spam will be deleted. Spammers will be hang, drawn, quartered, minced and made into spam.You will not submit unsolicited advertisements. Advertising is defined as the posting of a link in an attempt to gain traffic or members. If you wish to be an affiliate and exchange links, please contact us.You will not attempt to solicit personal information from other members.When you contribute to Advent Destiny, you add your role-plays, settings, profiles, and all other posts to the shared universe and we do not remove them on request.If you break a rule, we will not accept an excuse saying you did not know there was such a rule. The rules will be updated and announcements will be made, upon which it is your onus to update yourself with the rules.
    These rules apply to all aspects of the sites, including, but not limited, to private messages, profile statuses, and chatroom messages. Infringement of these rules will be considered grounds for a ban from Advent Destiny. The site administrators and moderators will do our part in ensuring that any infringing content, based on our understanding of the rules, will be kept off the site. It is, however, impossible for us to review all messages posted here. If you encounter any objectionable material, please report it to the staff via the report post link beside the post date of each entry.

    The administrators of Advent Destiny reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any content for any reason or no reason, and to ban or close any account for any reason or no reason.
    If you have any queries regarding the rules, please contact our staff via the Help Desk.
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  10. Valiant added a topic in Announcements   

    Welcome to Advent Destiny!
    Advent Destiny is a role-playing community. If you are new to AD, you are joining us at an exciting time! For AD veterans, you can look forward to more of the good old times, but better.
    For those of you who are new to AD, here's a brief step into our past. We went live as SEED RPG on 4 July 2004 with role-play set in the world of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Due to the limitations of a hosted service, we relaunched our self-hosted community as Advent Destiny on 1 November 2006. AD went on to become one of the most popular Gundam SEED role-play. The site was unfortunately hacked and the database corrupted beyond recovery in 2010, and AD has been on hiatus since.
    The members remained in touch and some became very close friends. Recently, there has been renewed interest in bringing AD back. Aside from expanding beyond the Cosmic Era universe, there is potential to cover other genres and even developing original storylines.
    Getting started
    Stay tuned for guides on how to start your role-plays!
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