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    Chat has gone offline for the time being. It's a subscription service so until we have enough people using it, I'll hold of renewing it.
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    Get them to pop by and introduce themselves!
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    Anya Johansson

    Full name: Anya Johansson
    Faction: Kingdom of Scandinavia
    Rank: Princess of Scandinavia, Duchess of Sweden
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Height: 1.78 metres
    Weight: Unknown
    Eyes: Her eyes were pale blue. They gave icy stares that did not melt even when she is burning with unbridled anger.
    Hair: Anya had long, pale blonde hair. She enjoyed doing up her hair and has a team of personal hair stylists to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends.
    Skin: Anya had a pale complexion of one who has been sheltered indoors since young.
    Handiness: Right-handed
    The princess had a foul temper. She vented her frustrations on her subjects. Her stature allowed her to get what she wanted, even if it meant bending rules. If that did not suffice, she would rely on making threats that often involved the mention of the King and Queen or the career and reputation of the persons involved. It did not help that the princess was quick to anger. To sum it up simply, Anya was a royal pain, pun intended.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    Princess Anya's quick temper often led to her doing and saying things that she would end up regretting. Her rash and wilful behaviour stemmed from her being spoilt as the youngest and the only girl among the royal children.
    Growing up with servants to tend to her daily needs made her overly reliant on others to serve her. Her maids helped her dress and undress. They even bathed her. Her royal entourage was known for its size, and was often reported on by entertainment media outlets.
    Anya had a slender figure that is the envy other women in the Kingdom. However, Anya was dissatisfied with the amount of flattering curves bestowed on her body, which were on the lower end of the scale for women of the Scandinavian kingdom. Her lean body hid the fact that she was physically strong for a lady of her size. The children of the royal family were pampered from young and were draped in the finest clothing available since birth. Being the only daughter to the royal couple, Anya received even more attention from her parents, the noblewomen and the maids that served the royal family. She wore clothes from the latest works of world-class designers, especially the Romero line of clothing. She was never seen without a ring bearing the secret emblem of the royal family.
    The youngest of three royal siblings, Anya was often pampered by the people around her. Her status as the royal princess of the Kingdom of Scandinavia gave her much power and stature to begin with, and being the youngest in the family made others pamper and defend her even more. Despite her tantrums and wrongdoings, she would always get away with it. Little Anya could get whatever she wanted. If she could not, her tears would melt the firmest of hearts and she would eventually get her way.
    As she grew older, Anya became even more atrocious in her behaviour. She became manipulative and often used her parents name or her stature to bend the rules when she was in the wrong. She did not hesitate to lie and threaten to get things done her way. The only person who could stop her from doing more harm were her parents. However, Anya could still get what she wanted with her various ways of charming her parents into agreeing with her.
    Tragedy struck the royal family when Anya was only fifteen. Queen Kiersten Gehard died of illness, despite the best efforts of the best doctors in the world. A rare, incurable disease took the life of Anya's mother, and in doing so, it seemingly unleashed the demon within the teenage princess. The spoilt princess became very irritable and her fury was worse than before. Instead of simply making threats and throwing tantrums, she hit the servants and smashed dishes to vent her frustration. Even King Gottfrid Johansson was unable to keep her under control anymore, and eventually, he simply gave up.
    Despite Anya's shortcomings, she was a talented princess. She excelled in whatever she did. Others might attribute it to her threats and blackmailing but the princess achieved it all with her own abilities, most of the time. Anya topped her class and was a fine athlete. She was involved in ballet, gymnastics and kick-boxing as her extra-curricular activities.
    Even those who hated her fervently would grudgingly agree that she was a better leader and a more charismatic speaker than her brother, Ragnar. Only her temperament kept her from making the right judgment and carrying herself as a leader of a nation should. That and the fact that her brother ascended the throne due to him being the elder child.
    Anya took up more responsibilities in the running of the Kingdom when she turned 21. She had to act in her capacity as the Duchess of Sweden, the title bestowed upon her by her father when she was young. That required her to attend the numerous functions held by the nobles as well as making visits to foreign nations. Although the princess tried her best to restraint her temper while she was representing the Kingdom in international functions, there were several times when her anger flared, leaving the victims with liquor dripping down their face or a black eye or some broken teeth. When protests from the involved representatives' nations became harder and harder to pacify, King Ragnar decided to reduce Anya's foreign public appearances to those that included his attendance.
    Coliseum battles
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  4. Valiant added a topic in Character Creation   

    Ragnar Johansson
    Full name: Ragnar Johansson
    Faction: Kingdom of Scandinavia
    Rank: King of Scandinavia, formerly Duke of Denmark and Duke of Norway
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Height: 1.85 metres
    Weight: 85 kilograms
    Eyes: Blue. It runs in the family.
    Hair: Ragnar has a long, curly blond mane that flows beautifully down onto his shoulders. He takes pride in the silkiness of his hair and takes particular care to make sure that it is well maintained.
    Skin: He had a healthy tan that he maintains by spending an allocated amount of time per week at the beach.
    Handiness: Right-handed
    Ragnar was an arrogant person. To him, the world revolved around him. It was always about him. He knew what he wanted and he would get his hands on it, whatever means it took. Unlike his sister, who was unreasonable, he was despicable. Ragnar was smart and manipulative. He thought he is the most intelligent person in the world and he often proved himself right. He was sentimental to the Naturals and wished to oppress or even remove the Coordinators who lived in the Kingdom - his Kingdom.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    His scheming nature was a double-edged sword: he often got what he wanted, but he also made many enemies while doing so.
    Although Ragnar was a consummate combatant, he was an average a mobile suit pilot. Despite hundreds of hours spent in the simulators and in training suits, he had been unable to reach the level where his mobile suit was an extension of his body.
    Ragnar had a stocky frame, despite his height. His muscles were well-defined and often threaten to burst out from his clothes. He preferred to wear tight-fitting clothes to emphasise his well-toned muscle. Ragnar usually wore the most fashionable business attire. His closets were filled by the top brand labels in the world and he was never seen wearing clothes that are out of trend. At official functions, he wore royal robes that signify his stature as the King of Scandinavia. He was never seen without a ring bearing the secret emblem of the royal family.
    Ragnar was the second son of King Gottfrid Johansson and Queen Kiersten Gehard of Scandinavia. As prince, he had much power. However, he was not satisfied. His brother, Ulric, was first-born of the King. He was the natural successor to the throne. To lend weight to his credibility, Ulric bested Ragnar in all areas. The throne was supposed to be his.
    His simmering unhappiness did not go unnoticed. Several nobles approached the prince and offered to help him secure the throne. Apparently, they were disgruntled with the way Ulric was handling things in the Duchy of Denmark, which was under the administration of the elder prince. They plotted to frame Ulric to get him exiled or even executed. Instead of having to assassinate the prince, they planned to make the King remove Ulric from power and name Ragnar as the heir.
    The scheme was successfully executed and Prince Ulric was arrested and charged with conspiring with pro-PLANT parties to rebel and make Denmark an independent state. As a Coordinator sympathiser, Ulric had close ties with both the Coordinator bodies in his Duchy and PLANT representatives. The prosecution had sufficient evidence, provided by pro-Earth Alliance parties in the Duchy. The second prince also lent his weight to persuade certain individuals to testify against his brother.
    The outcome of the trial was determined even before the trial started. The King was infuriated with the treachery of the son he had high expectations for. The person he trusted completely betrayed him. However, on account of their relationship as father and son, King Gottfrid sentenced his son to be banished from the Kingdom.
    Ragnar was unsatisfied with the exile of his brother. The elder prince - former prince - could return to take revenge and regain the throne forcibly. Crown Prince Ragnar wanted the Ulric to be removed from his list of worries permanently. He sent numerous assassins to hunt his brother down. All failed to return alive. It has been ten years since his brother's exile and he is still unable to sleep well.
    The burden of leading the country and steering the Kingdom down a path of strict neutrality took a toll on the King. He was unable to devote time to solving the problems in the royal family. Both his son and daughter were not well-liked by the people and their character had much to be improved upon. The thought of leaving the Kingdom in the hands of either of them worried him. He regretted sending Ulric into exile. Ulric had so much potential but failed to live up to expectation and ended up being charged with treason. The thought of his other son's downfall and exile tore at the battered heart of the King. It was not long before the King fell ill and, eventually, he was forced to abdicate his throne and pass the throne to his son, Ragnar.
    The first thing Ragnar did upon ascending the throne was to eliminate the nobles who helped plot against Ulric. He ruled with an iron fist. The people of the Kingdom were oppressed but the country prospered under his rule, hence they were satisfied their King's rule.
    Coliseum battles
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    Riva Cicero de Silva
    Full name: Riva Cicero de Silva
    Faction: United States of South America
    Rank: President
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Height: 1.77 metres
    Weight: 65 kilograms
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Reddish-brown long hair
    Skin: Bronze tan
    Handiness: Ambidextrous
    A born leader, Riva seemed to know exactly what his followers wanted and how to make them work for him. His leadership was almost always unchallenged. People around him tend to differ to him and almost automatically appoint him as the leader should the need arise. These offers were gladly welcomed by him as he revelled in managing and guiding others.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    His mother's death transformed him into a totally different person from who he was. The once playful, obnoxious bully who lived lavishly became a down-to-earth, good-natured man. He retained his charisma but channelled it towards rallying support for his ideals rather than garnering lackeys for his hooligan behaviour. Riva's charismatic nature is said to be able to make dead opposition leaders rise from the dead to join his cause. His feisty streak remained as well. Oppositions were often unable to resist his verbal onslaught and many were often reduced to tears.
    Being born with a silver spoon made him ignorant of many sufferings that his people were forced to endure. His family wealth made him take things for granted, despite his best attempts to experience what life was like for the poor in his country. His bad image as a youth did little to temper his reputation in the media. All these and his lack of political experience were weaknesses in his armour that his political enemies constantly attack. He was living off his father's legacy as a martyr, survived through his own wits.
    Riva had a lean figure that made him appear skinny. However, he was no weakling as well-toned muscles could be found beneath the bronze skin. An athlete since high school, he was no stranger to physical exertion despite being brought up in a wealthy family. His long reddish-brown hair flowed freely from his scalp. The fiery mane matched his feisty character and the burning passion he had for his people to scale greater heights. His grey eyes appeared moody, as though he was constantly troubled by his thoughts. Yet a sparkle twinkled from them, as though it was the source of his undying enthusiasm and energy.
    Branded suits with plain designs were his preferred choice of clothes. His professional image was enhanced by the simple style which fitted him like a second skin. Even if it were a casual occasion, Riva would still dress smartly, especially if it was a public event.
    A birthmark on his lower back was a identifying mark.
    In his younger days, Riva Cícero de Silva was a playful young man. While others of his age were busy preparing for examinations, the son of prominent politician Roberto de la Silva was often seen in clubs and pubs drinking with girls who cared more for his social status and wealth rather than his company. Even if he did see through their façade, he was not bothered by the uncomfortable fact. At that age, he yearned for attention and popularity more than anything else. He was notorious as a filthy-rich bad boy in college. The obnoxious bully made many enemies and lackeys.
    However, things changed when his mother Esmeralda Lima died in a car accident. The loss of someone so dear to him jolted him out of his self-made paradise into biting reality. To compound his sorrows, the car accident was caused indirectly by him. Riva's mother was fuming mad when her son nonchalantly dismissed her reprimanding him for his lavish lifestyle. In a fit of anger, Esmeralda Lima drove off and was subsequently killed when the speeding car went out of control. He withdrew himself from the world completely, choosing to confine himself in his room. He would often look at his mother's photos and berate himself for being an unfilial son. His father was often away on business and failed to notice the change in his son. Roberto de la Silva never had the chance to witness his son's metamorphosis. Within a year after the death of his wife, Roberto was arrested and executed on charges of treason.
    Riva's world became empty. Having lost both parents, inheriting the multi-million assets of the de Silva family meant nothing to him. As he sat in his room watching the news, he grew bitter as the newscaster reported on the latest political developments. The Federation invaded and conquered the States during the war. Since then, many rebellions have tried to overthrow the puppet government set up by the Federation. All were mercilessly crushed. Roberto de la Silva was the leader of the latest uprising.
    Realisation that his father died in honour fighting for his ideals snapped Riva out of the limbo. He suddenly found a new direction in life. He spent the past few years wasting away precious time in gambling and drinking, among other vices. All this while, his father strived to return freedom to his people. Chiding himself for his immaturity, Riva vowed to fulfil his father's visions and make his parents proud of him.
    Tapping on his family's massive treasury, Riva began contacting his father's comrades. Few survived the Federation's crack down. Those who did were more than willing to avenge their fallen brethrens. He also acquired the services of the mercenary organisations. The most important link in his plans was the aid of former military personnel. He spent two years travelling the United States of South America, seeking out retired veterans of war as well as decommissioned officers that served the USSA Army before its disbanding by the Atlantic Federation. Step by step, Riva progressed with the Freedom Movement plan.
    The Atlantic Federation was busy rebuilding after the war and failed to detect the smuggling activities of the rebels. Tanks and firearms bought from the black market were smuggled into the States. Then, without any signs of warning, the rebels attacked. Important OMNI Enforcer installations were targeted. This marked the start of the South American War of Independence. The OMNI Enforcer suffered much casualty initially from the surprise attack. The tides of war changed shortly after, as they regrouped and started to press the rebels back. Reinforcements from other members of the Earth Alliance arrived, lending further weight to the Enforcer's might.
    Due to the large scale of this rebellion, the international community intervened. Leaders around the world protested against the actions of the Atlantic Federation, and to a lessen extend, the Earth Alliance. Diplomatic pressure forced the Federation to stay its hand and turn to the negotiation table instead. After countless rounds of talks, the Atlantic Federation grudgingly agreed to the independence of the United States of South America, under the condition that the former retained the territories in the Caribbean and Central America.
    The victory was followed by elections to vote a working government into power. Near unanimous vote made Riva the first post-war president, despite his lack of political experience. The Freedom Front was set up with Riva as the party leader.
    Coliseum battles
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  6. Valiant added a topic in Cosmic Compendium   

    Federation of the Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces
    The Federation of the Royal Emirates Elite Forces (FREE Forces) is the military of the United Emirates of Orb.
    The FREE Forces are technologically more advanced than their Earth Alliance counterpart and can almost match the superior technology of ZAFT. The FREE Forces is under the direct command of the Supreme Commander, who is usually the Chief Representative of the Orb Union.
    After the turmoil wrought by both Bloody Valentine Wars, the Orb Union's new ruling nobility decided to drop the nation's neutral stance, declaring to the rest of mankind that Orb would be upholding its ideals without dropping its guard, having been twice betrayed. In the wake of this 'new' Orb Union came the re-organized FREE Forces, the new defenders of Orb's sovereignty.
    Unlike the previous military, the FREE Forces have taken a more pro-active role in their nation’s self-imposed mission of bringing peace and harmony to humankind. When nations devastated by calamities request aid, Orb and its loyal FREE soldiers have always been among the first to respond, earning them the reputation of being high-minded idealists with the conviction to match.

    Rank System
    The ranks of the FREE Forces are categorised under the various Command Divisions. Under each Command, they are further divided into the various ranks. The Command Division is displayed on the left breast of the uniform while the rank held is indicated by the insignia on the left collar. The Supreme Command has golden trim on the collar of the uniform while others have the standard blue trim.
    Supreme Command

    The Supreme Command Division consists of the top officers of the FREE Forces, and can command several armies or fleets, at any time. Though they have nearly similar duties and responsibilities, officers at each rank must answer to those of higher rank than them within this group, as well as to the civilian government. The rank of Supreme Commander is reserved only for the Princess of Orb, and even the representatives of Orb's ruling aristocracy have authority over the FREE Forces Admirals, displaying the ideal state of superiority of a civilian government over its nation's military.

    Supreme Commander
    Vice Admiral
    Rear Admiral
    High Command

    The High Command Divisions consists of the strategic-operations level officers of the FREE Forces, each commanding their own army, fleet or part thereof, usually on-board flagships or, for more aggressive personalities, riding in signature mobile units. A FREE Forces ship captain is usually a Colonel, with a Lieutenant Colonel serving as their Executive Officer or their ship's mobile units' elite squadron leader. Generals and Brigadier Generals are often tasked with the administration of entire bases or outposts, and as such are always assigned to armies or fleets with orders to capture or hold territory, or for similarly prolonged campaigns.
    Brigadier General
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Senior Command

    The Senior Command Division consists of the tactical-operations level officers of the FREE Forces, each one expected to lead their squadrons at the front lines of any conflict in order to achieve the objectives given to them by their superiors. The main difference between officers at this Command Division is the extent of their authority.
    Second Lieutenants rarely lead squadrons at the start of an engagement, but are expected to lead broken squadrons during the course of battle. Captains and Majors, on the other hand, are authorized to command up to two or four squadrons at any time, respectively. Generally, a squadron is led by a Lieutenant, but elite squadrons and squadrons with experimental units are often composed of Lieutenants and Second Lieutenants, so these are almost always lead by an exceptional Captain or Major.
    First Lieutenant
    Second Lieutenant
    Junior Command

    The Junior Command Division consists of the rank-and-file soldiers and officers of the FREE Forces, each one expected to work together to achieve success in any task set before them. Though there are technically four ranks, most soldiers do not differentiate between Sergeant Major and Sergeant, and between Leading Private and Private, as the responsibilities at these paired ranks are so similar that they simply denote who has authority over another. Like most military, Sergeants and Privates form the bulk of the FREE Forces, and can be seen working in various branches of the military, not just as front-line soldiers.
    As such, all non-combat personnel belong to this Command Division, with some exceptions, and even those who are qualified to pilot Orb's mobile weapons are rarely given the chance to pilot anything other than stock units. With dedication and meritorious service, however, even the most obscure Privates may find themselves up for promotion to Senior Command without passing through the other three ranks, though such a thing has only happened a handful of times.
    Sergeant Major
    Leading Private
     Non-Comissioned Officer
    Chief Petty Officer

    First-class Petty Officer

    Second-class Petty Officer

    Enlisted personnel
    First-class Crewman

    Second-class Crewman


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    Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer
    Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer is the military of the Earth Alliance.

     Most of the top officers of the OMNI Enforcer are from the Atlantic Federation. OMNI Enforcer has a large, well-equipped space fleet, though they lack the advanced technology of ZAFT’s fleet.
    While it has received a great deal of bad press over the years, mostly due to its manipulation by LOGOS and Blue Cosmos members, it remains an organised and devoted faction that stands for the protection of the entirety of Earth itself. Keeping to the PEACE Treaty, the Earth Alliance has severed all ties with LOGOS, and has banned their armies from using N-Jammer Canceller and Mirage Colloid technologies.
    Their ultimate goal is to unify  the Earth and all surrounding regions in a peaceful manner, and to create a single force to protect the Earth from oppression and hardships.
    Rank System
    Officer (Space / Ground)
    Admiral / General - The Admiral and General are the most senior rank in the military and they command entire fleets/army groups.
    Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General - The Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General assist the Admiral and General respectively in the command of large fleets by leading the front-line vessels, taking the brunt of enemy assaults and ensuring the safety of the Admiral and General.
    Rear Admiral / Major General - The Rear Admiral and Major General assist the their superiors in commanding large fleets. As the name suggests, the Rear Admiral commands the ships that make up the rear forces, ensuring a safe retreat window is always available should the tide of war turn unfavourable. The Major General commands several brigades.
    Captain / Colonel - The graduates from the Captains’ Academy are assigned to specific battleships and is tasked with overseeing the safe operation of the vessel. Captains of land battleships are often referred to as captains of the ship they command, however they actually hold the rank of Colonel.
    Commander / Lieutenant Colonel - These are officers renowned for their tactical prowess. They confer with the Captains to strategise the execution of an operation. They rarely sortie in frontline combat unless the situation demands it.
    Lieutenant Commander / Major - These are dedicated officers with an exceptional performance record who often take on advisory roles to ship crew. They are the highest-ranking officer that regularly sortie in frontline battles.
    Lieutenant - These are respectable officers who assist higher-ranking officers and training junior officers.
    Lieutenant Junior Grade - Officers who show potential are promoted to Junior Grade. They take on leadership roles in small squadrons or advisory roles to the ship crew

    Ensign - The lowest-ranking officers are usually the second-in-command within small squadrons. 

    Non-Comissioned Officer
    Chief Petty Officer - High-ranking ship crew such as the chief mechanic and doctors usually hold this rank. Their authority is usually restricted to their field of expertise.

    First-class Petty Officer - This middle rank for ship crew is held by mechanics, helmsman, and doctors.

    Second-class Petty Officer - Low-ranking ship crew such as apprentice mechanics, nurses, and CIC officers usually hold this rank. They report to a higher ranking officer.

    Enlisted personnel
    First-class Crewman - Low-ranking crew such as CIC officers and pilots hold this rank. They continue to show good development, moving towards a possible role as an officer.

    Second-class Crewman - Low-ranking crew such as CIC officers and pilots hold this rank. They have distinguished themselves through consistently good performance.

    Recruit - These are fresh rookies who completed basic military training.
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    That's interesting. It is plausible though, making the military a loose collection of more independent groups rather that one with strict hierarchy.
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    Faction leadership
    With the new faction system, you can easily create new factions. However, we need a few major factions up and running before we can dive into the RP.
    I'm looking for leaders for the following factions:
    Atlantic FederationEurasian FederationOrb UnionI have decided not to bring back the Soldiers of Fire because it would qualify as a minor faction, and I would prefer to focus on a major faction for the time being. If you are free to RP a character in SoF. If you wish to play it as a faction, you may do so as long as you meet the requirements for the formation of a minor faction.
    If you are keen on taking up leadership of any of the factions, please let me know.
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    United States of South America
    The United States of South America is a neutral nation.

    It was an ally of PLANT but has since declared itself a neutral nation accommodating both Coordinators and Naturals. Its territories span the whole South American continent. Its former territories in Central America and the Caribbean were ceded to the Atlantic Federation in an attempt to appease the stronger nation. The Federation had invaded and annexed the nation in the Second Bloody Valentine War. At the end of the war, the United States fought for freedom in the South American War of Independence.
    Many leaders in the world protested the act of aggression and the Atlantic Federation finally relented at the end of the war. In accordance to the Treaty of Junius, the latter pulled out of South America and the Caribbean but held possession of Central America, a strategic position where the Porta Panama mass driver and the Panama base are located. Although it had contributed to the construction of the mass driver and the base, the United States of South America was resigned to letting the powerful nation have its way.
    Brief Overview
    Capital: Buenos Aires
    Military Headquarters: Sao Paulo
    Chief of State: President
    Major Cities: Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Santiago, Bogota, Panama City, Montevideo, Lima, Guatemala, San Salvador, Havana, Kingston, Mexico City
    The nation is led by the President Riva Cícero de Silva from the capital city of Buenos Aires.
    The nation is very weak from the war and occupation by the Atlantic Federation. Although several neutral factions sent armies to help maintain its stability, the country has a long way to go before it regains its former glory.
    The military of the United States is the Independent Vanguard, Invader and Cerberus Triumvirate of the United States (INVICTUS). The former military of the United States was dissolved after the invasion and subsequent occupation by the Atlantic Federation. In order to provide the United States with the capability to defend themselves, the INVICTUS was formed. Many former members of the military joined up and the United States had a skeletal army in place. The Orb Union and Kingdom of Scandinavia contributed to the rebuilding of the United States by dispatching soldiers to train and aid in the restructuring of the military.
    The Vindicators of Amity, Liberty and Equity Regiment (VALER) was formed from the elite of the INVICTUS.
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    Equatorial Union
    The Equatorial Union is formed from the nations of South Asia, South-East Asia and Papua New Guinea.

    These nation strived to maintain a high degree of neutrality. The Union was initially a regional economic bloc to tackle the threat of economic downfall, and eventually agreed to form a Union under the leadership of a single government in light of the formation of larger nations in the world. The Union is neutral due to its weak military that is not powerful enough to join the Earth Alliance. However, it is located strategically along the major shipping routes, making it a powerful economic force. Although it is the largest neutral nation, it is the weakest. The Union is led by the Prime Minister. The capital city of the Equatorial Union is Mumbai.
    The Union struggles to catch up with the bigger nations in terms of technological advancements. It is not on good terms with the Eurasian Federation and it is under the threat of being absorbed by the powerful nation.
    Capital: Mumbai
    Military Headquarters: Rangoon
    Chief of State: Prime Minister
    Major Cities: Mumbai, Rangoon, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Palembang, Jakarta, Surabaya, Manila, Islamabad, New Delhi, Colombo, Port Moresby
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    Kingdom of Scandinavia
    The Kingdom of Scandinavia is the second largest neutral nation.

    The Kingdom spans the Scandinavian Peninsula, including territories of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Like the Orb Union, it accepts both Coordinators and Naturals as citizens. The Kingdom is ruled by the King, who is assisted by a panel of elected legislature. The King is a revered figure his Kingdom. The capital of the Kingdom is the city of Trondheim. The reigning monarch is King Ragnar Johansson.
    Brief Overview
    Capital: Trondheim
    Military Headquarters: Stockholm
    Chief of State: King
    Major Cities: Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo
    The Kingdom is ruled by the royal family. The King is assisted in decision making by a panel of elected legislature. The title of nobility is bestowed on individuals who have contributed significantly to the Kingdom and the title would then be passed down the family line.
    The Kingdom is divided into three Duchies: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Duchies were divided among the three children of the late King Gottfrid. However, upon the exile of the elder prince, Ulric, the Duchy of Denmark was placed under the rule of Prince Ragnar. He is still the ruler of the Duchies even after his ascension to the throne.
    The Kingdom lacks the technological advancement that the Orb Union
    boasts of but it has a formidable fleet on hand to defend its independence and neutrality.
    The military of the Kingdom is the Black Company. The Royal Guards make up the elite, who are in the personal command of the King.
    The Royal Guards is a group of men and women chosen from the ranks of the most elite persons to become through rigorous training more then men, more then women. They became specialists in multiple fields, hand to hand combat, melee weaponry combat, explosive ordnances, and of the latest, mobile weaponry.
    The first of mobile weapons developed for Kingdom of Scandinavia - the suits of the Berah-class - were given to the Royal Guard for testing of the prototype suits. As the suits are equipped with the latest technology acquired both from Scandinavia and abroad through various means, it was only proper to allow the most elite soldiers have the first priority upon testing this subject.
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    United Emirates of Orb
    The United Emirates of Orb is also known as the Orb Union.

    The Pacific nation is made up of several islands in the Orb Archipelago, located to the east of New Guinea. The nation was neutral in the wars between the Earth Alliance and PLANT. The Orb Union is a wealthy nation with a mighty military, despite its small size. The Union welcomes both Naturals and Coordinators as citizens.
    Brief Overview
    Capital: Kusanagi
    Military Headquarters: Onogoro
    Chief of State: Chief Representative
    Major Cities: Kusanagi
    The United Emirates of Orb was formerly a part of the Oceania Union. It was a state that encompassed the Orb Archipelago The inhabitants of the state were made up of an almost equal number of Naturals and Coordinators. When the majority of the Oceania Union population voted in support of the government's decision to take a pro-PLANT stance in CE 35, the state revolted. The people were unwilling to throw themselves in to the senseless war. The rebellion lasted for a couple of years. Pressure from the United Nations resulted in the Oceania Union's agreement to acknowledge that the Orb Archipelago has become an independent state. Thus, in CE 37, the state declared independence, marking the formation of the United Emirates of Orb.
    True to its roots, the Orb Union upheld its neutrality policy. The nation focused on maintaining neutrality in political issues, choosing to concentrate on developing and advancing the country instead. The Union was willing to accept both Naturals and Coordinators as citizens. These Orb citizens are more interested to spend their time and effort for the good of the nation that so graciously took them in, rather than waste their energy on the mindless hatred that gripped the Earth Alliance and PLANT.
    As such, technological advancements progressed exponentially. Within a short period of time since gaining independence, the small nation grew into a developed nation.
    However, the Union's neutrality was despised by foreign powers, especially the members of the Earth Alliance. The Alliance felt that as a country on Earth, Orb had the duty to defend it from the Coordinators that descended from space. The Alliance was eager to add the advanced technology of the Union into the arsenal of the OMNI Enforcer.
    The Orb Union was conquered by the Atlantic Federation in CE 71 during the First Bloody Valentine War, as the latter did not respect the Union's neutrality. After the war, the Federation pulled out of the Union.
    During the time of peace, the Seiran noble family's influence expanded and it held a significant control over the Parliament. The Seiran noble family ended Orb Union's neutrality in the Second Bloody Valentine War by making the Union a member of the Earth Alliance. The Attha family regained their control of the nation near the end of the war. The Seiran noble family was subsequently stripped of its titles.
    The Union is governed by an elected legislature and an aristocracy of four leading noble families, the Torren, Kamakura, Pulwar and Cragus families. Since the end of the Athha and Sahaku families and the banishment of the Seiran family, three next most powerful noble families have been made eligible for office. The nation is led by the Chief Representative elected from one of the four noble families. Princess Alvielle Torren is the current Chief Representative of the Orb Union. The capital of the Orb Union is the City of Kusanagi, which is the main city on the Orb mainland. This is where the main governance takes place and it is mainly prosperous except for the existence of slums on the city’s outskirts.
    Space Colonies
    The Orb Union is one of the few nations that have the capability to build and own space colonies.
    The Orb Union constructed the Heliopolis colony that was located at Lagrange point 3. However, the space colony was destroyed in the First Bloody Valentine War when ZAFT attacked it to steal the prototype mobile suits developed secretly by Morgenroete|Morgenroete, Inc.
    A new space colony, the Persepolis colony, was finally completed in CE 82 at Lagrange point 4. It was part of the Union's efforts to provide living space for people who were displaced by the destruction of the Heliopolis colony.
    The Orb Union military was formerly known as the Orb Union Forces. However, it has since been reformed under a new name - the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces.
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    African Community
    The African Community is a group of nations and tribes that is an ally of PLANT. The Community spans the territories of Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa and Middle Africa, excluding Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of the Congo ,Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are several resistance groups in the Community that fight against ZAFT control of the region. The capital of the African Community is Cairo. The nation is led by the President.
    Capital: Cairo
    Military Headquarters: Tripoli
    Chief of State: President
    Major Cities: Cairo, Tripoli, Nairobi, Casablanca, Brazzaville, Luanda, Khartoum, Mogadishu, Addis Ababa, N'Djamena
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    Oceania Union
    The Oceania Union is a nation allied with PLANT.
     The Union encompasses the territories of the Oceania region. After the end of the First Bloody Valentine War, New Zealand was under the control of the Atlantic Federation. As stated in the PEACE Treaty, the territories were returned to the Union at the end of the Second Bloody Valentine War.
    Brief Overview
    Capital: Canberra
    Military Headquarters: Auckland
    Chief of State: Prime Minister
    Major Cities: Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Wellington, Auckland
    The Oceania Union is lead by the Prime Minister. Its capital is the city of Canberra. The Union has good relations with non-aligned nations despite her staunch support for PLANT.
    The Oceania Union's military is the OSEA Forces|Oceania Strategic Engagement and Aegis (OSEA) Forces. In return for alliance of the Union with PLANT, ZAFT supplies the military equipment to the OSEA Forces.
    The military headquarters is located in Auckland. The military research centre was formerly located in Alice Springs. However, to centralise the military and for logistical advantages, much of the military research has been transferred to the Aoraki Research Centre (ARC). The research station in Alice Springs has since been converted for wider use and is now known as the Alice Springs Technological Institute (ASTI).
    Other major bases operated by the OSEA Forces include the Rockhampton Airbase and Dampier Naval Base.
    The elite members of the OSEA Forces are designated Frontal Reconnaissance Office of Northern Tactical Information and Emergency Response (FRONTIER) members. This detachment is similar to FAITH of ZAFT.
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