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  1. the General added a topic in General Discussion   

    Bergeron Levesque [WIP] With Other Ideas
    Finally got the password reset, didn't work the other few times I tried. Someone got into my account a posted with it a while back. I made another one I was going to use incase I count get back into this one (3lvis24). But, I tried the password reset option and it worked this time.
    Anyways, this is a character and company idea I was playing with. I am a big fan of the new AD format, I had a forum I was working on a while ago after the original AD died that used a Cowboy Bebop-like setting and transportation, except with custom Mobile Suits and whatnot. I really like this new format, if I can repeat it without sounding like a mad man.
    So this is Bergeron Levesque, he's a character I whipped up while thinking over some ideas. Originally, he was going to be the Co-Leader of an illegal arms maker, but I opted out of that idea in favour of a smuggler (Star Wars-like).
    I'd like some suggestions on this. It's not official or anything, just me messing around. Might bring back Matthew into this universe if I did come back.
    Full name: Bergeron Norfolk Levesque
    Alias: Representative Levesque/Captain Ron
    Faction: Kwantus Drive Foundation
    Rank: Captain/Company Representative
    Age: 35
    Sex: Male
    Height: 173 CM, 5 Foot 9 Inches
    Weight: 200 Pounds
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Caucasian
    Handiness: Right Handed
    Bergeron is the kind of person that always tries to hide their emotions. This is not because he doesn't want to seem weak or vulnerable, but it is because he feels it makes him a better candidate for the role of representing the Kwantus Drive Foundation. Despite his cold exterior, Bergeron is the type of leader who wishes for nothing but the best of his company and it’s workers.  His outer emotions are often described as being an unbreakable barrier, that nothing can damage or harm.
    On the inside however, deep beneath his unbreakable barrier, Bergeron is a cowardly weasel, as most businessmen are. He does his very best and uses his words to try and avoid conflict if at all possible. While this can be seen as good for the company, it’s just because deep inside, Bergeron fears death and will do anything in his power and outside of it, to avoid it, even if that means stepping on the shoes of another or putting his own people at risk, despite wanting the best for his company and it’s workers.
    Bergeron is always trying to expand his company and gain more customers and power. Whenever possible, he and his crew will take on lucrative illegal smuggling missions, all for the sake of Bergeron increasing his reputation. Bergeron even tries to weasel his way into positions by faking respect and kindness.
    Ever since Bergeron was a teenageer has always had an odd attachment to older technologies that others just see as garbage.
    Strengths and weaknesses
    Bergeron’s strengths have always lied within his cold exterior and emotions, in combat, when his life or ship is in danger. Bergeron turns into a drone-like machine, whose only goal is to prevent damage to his goods and see his mission to the end, even if it means doing what isn't usually seen as “good”. Even if that is a strength, it can always be seen as a weakness, due to the way he fights, and works, those around him enough eventually come to see his ways of doing things are very logical and real, and often easily pick up and know exactly how he operates. This is an extreme disadvantage in combat situations where an enemy can easily predict his combat style if they encounter him multiple times. Another notable strength is Bergeron’s creativity, he often uses this in combat or when overseeing the construction of junk. Bergeron, while cold and hard, can always be broken apart when his life is in immediate danger, this is even to the point he would sacrifice workers and friends if for example a gun was pointed to his head. After all, when it comes to his own life and living it out, that is all that matter to him.
    Bergeron is a tall, medium built individual with short hair and brown eyes. He is average in height and has no features that distinguish him from anyone else. One can say he’s the perfect example of the average Caucasian male.
    He often and is almost always seen wearing the custom Kwantus Drive Foundation Captain uniform he had made for himself. When not seen wearing that, he wears grey, pink and white.
    Pilot Suit

    Describe in detail, preferably five to seven paragraphs of at least six sentences each, your character's back story up to the point where you started role-playing as the character. Be sure to update this section as the role-play progresses.
    List down notable belongings that your character owns, especially items that were created and have an entry in the Compendium. This is to help other players if they need to look for references when role-playing with you. You do not need to list every single item that your character has.
    Post the names of the player-controlled characters that your character has killed and link to the thread that the event happened.
    List chronologically the links and the titles to all the role-play threads that your character is in. State if the role-play is in progress or completed.
    Coliseum battles
    List the Coliseum battles that your character participated in.

    Company name: Kwantus Drive Foundation
    Company class: Level 1
    Ownership: Bergeron Levesque and Hector Marsolle
    Affiliation: Unaffiliated, Works for whomever is willing to pay.
    Industries: Kwantus Drive Foundation is a smuggling company that makes illegal goods runs through the solar system. Legally, they are a junk collecting company that cleans debris in the earth sphere.
    Headquarters: Quadrivium - Callisto-class Refit http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Callisto-class
    Branches: Space Station Granche - A Earth Orbit Space Debris Cleaning Comapny.
    Description: Kwantus Drive is a space debris clearing company, at least that’s what they began as. When Bergeron got the right amount of money, he purchased a ship and began doing illegal trade runs for others. While they still do space debris cleanup, the main profits come from illegal trade smuggling.
    History: See Above
    Subsidiaries: N/A
    Held Property: Space Station Granche, Quadrivium, 5 Ball Mobile Pods, 2 Undecided MP Mobile Suits, Bergeron’s Personal, MS, the Soidreck.
    Space Station Granche
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  2. the General added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    Error code: 2H269/5
    This is the error code I get if you're wondering.
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  3. the General added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    It says I can't access it. 
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  4. the General added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    Yeah, it would probably be an implant. The omni tool could also, with upgrades or something expensive, act like G-Gundam's mobile Trace System and allow the pilot to turn thought into action. Maybe by using the OMNI-tool to directly connect to the MS's OS. But then again, with that kind of 1:1 movement, the MS itself would need to have some advanced framework and articulation. An OMNI-tool could also be used to try and hack, like the other thread suggested. Possibilities are endless.
    Another idea would be like the UI shown in Accel World.
    It could also make people go Borg, lol.
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  5. the General added a post in a topic Biological modifications and enhancements   

    What about having something like Mass Effects OMNI-Tools? If you haven't played mass effect, here's a link. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Omni-tools
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  6. the General added a post in a topic Planetary Classifications   

    Ah, okay, my bad for the miss understanding.
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  7. the General added a topic in General Discussion   

    Planetary Classifications
    I saw that the new AD might be a galactic faction type system. So, while I was making this for my personal universe, I decided to share it here. I am still working on it, but things can be changed if needed. I opened it so anyone can edit/comment on it.
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  8. the General added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Right Handed
    Strike Rouge or Noble Gundam
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  9. the General added a post in a topic Impact of the technology   

    Hacking wise. Mouretsu Pirates did a good job at Electronic Warefare. http://mouretsupirates.wikia.com/wiki/Electronic_Warfare
    Don't know how hacking could be done IC or OOC for that matter. 
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  10. the General added a post in a topic Space travel   

    Economy should determine that. Some countries would have elevators some mass drivers and others might not have the cash and just go for conventional rockets. As for interplanetary travel, I suggest just sticking to what gundam had. They never really had anything faster than large ships and mobile suits, Reconguista had the Venus Globe ship, but that's because it was like thousands of years past the UC. I don't think CE has that, even with the VL. That was just on a very select few MS and was probably expensive beyond use. I say stick with Nuclear, Rockets, Deuterion and the stuff CE already has. 
    If there was interplanetary travel, I'd suggest doing it bebop style with warp gates. I like how they did that. No one had ftl or near light speeds. Only did they get that speeds by warping between them using gates. 
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  11. the General added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    That depends really, the Yamato 2199 remake was beautifully done. While some are just meh.
    DOTA or LoL?
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  12. the General added a post in a topic Astray Diver   

    Found the old character sheet buried in my email history.

    ---------------------:: PLAYER INFORMATION ::---------------------
    Name: Player Name
    English Language Proficiency: Native, Secondary, etc
    Character Number:
    Accepted Rules:

    Full Name:
    Alias/Title: Must be pertinent / explained in Personal History
    Age: Reasonable
    Race: Natural/Coordinator
    Place of Origin:

    ---------------------:: CHARACTER INFORMATION ::---------------------

    General InformationPhysical Information


    Height: Metric and American Standard
    Weight: Metric and American Standard
    Body Type: Athletic, Toned, Average, Obese, etc
    Eye Color: Natural colors only
    Hair Color: If dyed, state natural color as well
    Hair Style:
    Identifying Features: Tattoos, facial hair, scars, etc
    Handiness: Right, Left, Ambidextrous

    Military & Personal Information

    Combat Preference: Either a One (1) paragraph minimum detailing their strengths and weakness in MS combat and/or fire-fights or simply rank them following in terms of proficiency (in terms of percents up to 100%):


    Personality: A two (2) paragraph minimum

    Family: Follow the format below and repeat for each notable family member

    Background Information

    Biography: Two (2) paragraph minimum
    - ""
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  13. the General added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    Nice to see everyone again, were missing Ryou and some others though.
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  14. the General added a topic in General Discussion   

    Forum Game: [This or That]
    I'll start. Just pick two things and the next person chooses an answer and makes thier own two things. 
    the Anime or the Manga?
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  15. the General added a topic in General Discussion   

    Astray Diver
    I've had this since the old AD. It's the stray Diver I made before the site crashed. 

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