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  1. Mars added a post in a topic 10th anniversary of SEED RPG!   

    So, we going to make it 11 years? Site has been dead silent for the past little bit, and I know a whole heap ton of RPer's who'd be willing to join AD.
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  2. Mars added a post in a topic 10th anniversary of SEED RPG!   

    Lol true enough. I know out of all the other Gundam site's I've been on AD was the ONLY SEED based site to have ZAFT use both ranks while also using the coat colours. You have no idea how annoying it was seeing just the coat colours being used for ranks, too much confusion and such for any real military to operate properly lol. 
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  3. Mars added a post in a topic 10th anniversary of SEED RPG!   

    Well I'm all for the idea, I just wish to ask if ZAFT will be as structured and well laid out as it was in the past? Having actual ranks, proper command structure, Proper units and squadrons, ect. Just because I believe that would attract a few RPers I know who have a love for all things related to Zeon XD. But yeah, I'm all for this, gives me a chance to write up a new character and such.
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  4. Mars added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

    All the vets are gathered in one place... good, very good. Now to commence the plan to de- I mean... uh... have a fun time together... yeah that's it.
    All jokes aside however, its good to see you all up and running about again everyone! Its been a long LONG time since I RP'd or talked to many of you (Got in touch with Janus through DeviantArt). When it comes to who I was... I was that really untalented new comer named Kyleripper all those years back... Had so many unoriginal and rather boring plots I dare say even made me cringe when I re-read a few of them; more so my former character. BUT! Fear not, for I have been around the web, RPing on many MANY boards, so many in fact that I have skills and experience in all genres and story types... and I mean ALL. *cough*... As I continue to RP on all the different boards I eventually joined RPG-D which furthered opened up my horizons and what lead me to use the username I now have, which is Mars.
    I've RP'd on a few Gundam sites here and there, some of them SEED based, but most UC based, why? Because ZAFT on all the other boards was NOT like the ZAFT on AD. People actually used the colour coat rank system... and god was it ever annoying, more so after being spoiled with AD's proper rank layout and epic structure lol. But yeah, also found I have a profound love of piloting the NZ Sinanju... love that machine, even played a few masked men here and there... and on a former RP I was on, AITW, I was the masked man EVERYONE wanted to either love, follow, or really hate XD; rose through the ranks like a rocket going to space. Funny enough my "Masked man", was also created in part because of BB, because her love of Rau, lead me to use him for my FC lol (Sorry BB, but I made Rau go to Neo Zeon!). 
    Anyways! Its nice to see you all again, I'm looking forward to RPing with you all in the coming days.
    Also if anyone's down to do some early plotting I'm all ears!
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  5. Mars added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Clash of the Clans. Why? Because Liam Neeson.
    Samsung or Apple?
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