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  1. Renliss added a post in a topic Final Symphony   

    I love FFVI. One of my all-time favourite Final Fantasy songs to date is Terra's Theme/the Overworld theme. Soooo good.
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  2. Renliss added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Star Wars or Star Trek?
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  3. Renliss added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Dogs or cats? 
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  4. Renliss added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  5. Renliss added a post in a topic Temporary Mibbit Chat   

    Thanks. My internet has been a bit spotty lately so camping the chat to ensure it stays active has been a bit difficult heh. 
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  6. Renliss added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    Won't let me go back and edit my previous post for some reason, but found something strange. When you hit "Leave Chatroom" on the top right, a message with appear in the chat window that says you have been kicked from the room. Not sure if that is supposed to happen, but it might be worth looking into. 
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  7. Renliss added a post in a topic Chat feedback   

    I can access it, emoticons seem to work just fine, and the notification sound plays when there is a new message. The Leave Chatroom button works and redirects to the main forum page, which is nice. Can't really test more than that since there's no activity, but from what I can gather, there are no problems on my end. 
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  8. Renliss added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   


    ​I agree, copyrights should matter as long as we're just a fan community RP board. We aren't taking anything/publishing anything/claiming it as our own and we've given credit to the source material. We aren't making profits, so I'm not really sure why copyright infringement is an issue.
    ​I would like to stick to the Cosmic Era Gundam Universe as well. If we put as much effort into making the reborn AD as fun as the first iteration, we should have no problem generating interest for newcomers. We also have the advantage of learning from our past mistakes; we've already done this once. We've gone through years of what works and what doesn't, and we can use that to our advantage to make a stellar AD. When talking about AU's, we can take what we liked from the first AD and incorporate it, but we aren't BOUND by it. It could be a new beginning, an exciting fresh start. We get to decide what we do and don't use, and anything in between, really. It's really exciting when you think about it; the best parts of old AD combined with the new ideas we've learned along the way, it could be fantastic.
    I'm also afraid that if we go the generic route, there won't be enough pull for newcomers. If everything is generic and spread out, it will feel less like a dedicated community and more like a "come here and do whatever" style RP. I don't think that would be beneficial for what I think most of us are envisioning for AD. If we stuck to the CE universe, everyone would have the same base and every character would fit into the world. If we started doing generic Gundam mashups, we could have characters themed from CE, from FC, from AW and UC. We would have a mismatch of tech, characters, plots, and other things. At that point it would be a hell of a time organizing all of that into a coherent plot that everyone could follow and participate in as a community. From past experiences, I find that making things open and general sometimes hurts the RP in the longrun since it's harder to get everyone on the same page. Whereas if we define ourselves as CE, there wouldn't ever be that same level of confusion. That's not to say we couldn't make our own tech and ideas for an AU CE timeline either. If that were the case, it would be easier to incorporate than if we went the generic route; it would just be a matter of "Here is the canon CE things, and here are the things we've built upon in the CE universe" instead of "Here are some custom ideas, lets find a way to make them fit with all the generic ideas that are floating around".
    Bleurg, I hope that makes sense.   
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  9. Renliss added a topic in General Discussion   

    Temporary Mibbit Chat
    Hey folks! I figured since the chat at the top isn't working at the moment, we could make a temporary AD chat. Just a place for those online to talk real-time if they want to. As soon as the site chat goes live, we can migrate over there.
    Click the link, enter your nickname, and join the channel "#TempAD". I'll stay in the chat to keep the room open.
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  10. Renliss added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  11. Renliss added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    Right. Here it goes. **WARNING, WALL OF TEXT DETECTED**
    I had been part of a Gundam MUSH a while back and their approach was interesting. Their story started at the first episode of SEED and used it's history as a base, but from that point onwards, the story was what the characters made it. For example, Kira never made it to the Strike and was killed, there wasn't a lot of focus on the canon characters (though some did pop up from time to time) and the story followed the characters, not the heroes of SEED. It was basically a re-telling of SEED in such a way that we shaped it ourselves, essentially creating an AU SEED. It worked surprisingly well and allowed the players to go in lots of different directions. IC choices had IC consequences that affected the world (Who was in charge, what battles took place where, etc etc). It was heavily focused on characters as opposed to plot; plot was still important, but it was the characters and their struggles that really made a lot of the RP scenes shine. 
    Another thing they did was what was already suggested with the customization; you got points that you could use to buy suits and upgrade them with weapons and equipment. Each suit/weapon/equipment had stats for rolled combat, but most scenes were done entirely as RP instead of a D&D styled combat round. I liked it because it added versatility and kept combat fresh. Each character had a character sheet as well for rolled combat or other events, but most things were RPed instead of rolled. These points were rewarded for completing scenes and RPing, and sometimes as options in loot drops. 
    As for player activity, they had an interesting system in place. Instead of creating an event and telling everyone to join, the admin would send out an announcement asking interested players to send them a tell/PM if they wanted to partake. They then incorporated those characters into the scene naturally. This ensured that the people in any given scene WANTED to be there. I feel RP was a lot smoother and rewarding as a result. Granted, that was based on real time RP as opposed to forum-based RP, so I'm not sure how well it would work in this scenario. Worth mentioning though, I reckon.
    Loot drops could be another idea. At the end of scenes, the DM running the scene would make a list of loot (suits, equipment for suits, weapons for suits, character scale equipment like weapons or other vehicles, or even just points for suit customization, novelty items, character specific rewards etc etc) and the players involved would roll 1d100. Highest or lowest roll would to choose what they want. The DM would try to make it make sense in terms of the storyline as well, (Like if the scene is raiding a ZAFT station for example, the loot will be all ZAFT stuff that would be on the station naturally.) Sometimes, if the scene was a big one and it was well-done, the DM would give out specific character rewards that made sense for a character (Like if your military character was involved in a large-scale successful mission, they could get a reward of a promotion in their faction, a favour from someone higher up, or things like bases or buildings that they could customize and put to their own uses in the world). I really liked this because it helped characters establish and maintain a certain sense of uniqeness. A non-combat character and a military character could be involved in the same thread and get completely different rewards that reflected what their character was all about.  
    Not saying 'copy everything from this MUSH ever!' but I just wanted to point out some of the features that made it a fun experience for me personally.
    In terms of the actual customization/battle/character sheet thing, I am unfamiliar with any system that we could use as my experience is pretty much limited to Pathfinder/D&D, Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds, and some homebrew Fallout stuff haha. Those systems are very number/math heavy though so my initial thoughts are that they're unsuited to a more casual forum-styled environment like this. There's a system called The Window that is a lot simpler but I'm not sure if this is the style we're really going for. We could just as easily separate number/math threads from the ones that we want as strictly RP, or even make up a homebrew system. I'm not good with numbers, I dunno lol. I reckon it would have to be relatively simple otherwise it might discourage people from wanting to take part in threads that required the system. Maybe just some base ability scores and modifiers, basic skills, and then stats for suits/weapons maybe. 
    I'd be interested in trying something similar with the storyline; set a start point in the timeline (like Heliopolis being attacked or something else), have an event to kick things off, and have the world and characters branch out on their own from there. It would mean it would still be an original AD storyline, but it would be familiar in the sense that it still takes place in the same world/universe. We could add or take away what we wanted (Canon characters/events, tech, etc etc) according to how our individual AD storyline progressed, and it would still make sense in the universe since the universe itself was organically created through everyone's collaboration. We could make it as serious or silly as we wanted and essentially just create from the ground up in such a way that it still feels like Gundam SEED, but it would be our Gundam SEED. Heck, we could even introduce AU versions of our previous characters if it feels SEED-ish enough haha. 
    This post is already really long so I'll wrap it up by saying that whatever we decide to do, I hope its in the vein that its still at least somewhat related to Gundam SEED as opposed to dropping everything and making it a more Generic Gundam RP. I reckon a lot of us came to SEED RPG and Advent Destiny because it was SEED related (I know I did), so it would be nice to keep that root/base.
    Sorry for the wall of text.

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  12. Renliss added a post in a topic Do you want to RP your old character in the old AD storyline?   

    I haven't voted because I'm not sure about the context. Do we mean "attempt to recreate the old AD and RP our characters there as the main plot" or "Create an AU where we can RP our old characters as they were for nostalgia/closure sake"?
    It'd be nice to RP old characters in some capacity, but maybe not at the expense of a new start.
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  13. Renliss added a post in a topic Introduce yourself!   

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  14. Renliss added a post in a topic Forum Game: [This or That]   

    Anime or manga of what? Gundam? I'd say anime in that case lol.
    Melee fighting, or ranged fighting?! 
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  15. Renliss added a post in a topic Advent Destiny RP   

    I mentioned a few things on the facebook page, but didn't really get a response on whether folks liked it or not.
    As for the AU, I personally don't think there's much we can do to completely wrap up all the loose ends AD was left with. In terms of characters, there are too many characters missing, in terms of plot, again there are so many missing essential participants. Unless we go ahead and say, "These characters do this" to help advance the AU plot, we're at a bit of a stand still. That's not to say that we can't, just that its probably something that would require a bit of thought and concentration on. It would be more of an afterthought/"wouldn't it be cool if" scenario as opposed to an actual conclusion to our time in the original AD, but closure is nice in and of itself. 
    In terms of actual RP on  AD though, do we know what route we're going for plot/setting/story? It would be hella hard to pick up where AD left off, but I don't reckon a lot of us with developed characters are keen on the reboot/restart idea? Just wondering where we stand on that front. Also, I can repost some of the stuff I posted on the FB group if that'll help? Just not sure where we stand at the moment, my bad.
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