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  1. Sealedsoul added a post in a topic Bergeron Levesque [WIP] With Other Ideas   

    Please do not create multiple accounts, You may repost this with your original account, for the time being it will be closed to discourage the usage of this duplicate account.
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  2. Sealedsoul added a post in a topic Space travel   

    There are also jump drives, FTL (Faster than light) drives, worm hole generation and other similar drive technology to travel instantaneously or inbuilt systems like cowboy bebop hyperspace drives
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  3. Sealedsoul added a post in a topic Impact of the technology   

    If you treat mecha suits as airplanes of the modern age, all the connections with the outside world are through just communications, all of them are basically stand alone networked systems, same as all modern warfare land and sea based units. Though theoretically possible to hack these systems locally it would not be easy to control these units while riding on the back of them. Many series do show them hacking open the door but you can see its docked and wires coming out or done from within.
    Cyberwarefare between mecha units is probably not something we should bother RPing but instead focus on standard forms of combat. It is not as exciting to describe a player typing on a keyboard and accessing code than a robot being smacked in the face with a beam sabre 
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