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  1. By making a submission, you agree to the following:
    Each player is limited to three pending submissions per category at any time.Use metric measurements.Rejected submissions are entitled to an appeal only once.Credit all images used.No bumping allowed.You grant full rights to Advent Destiny to use the name, concept and idea of the submission. You also agree that the Judges make their decisions after careful consideration and accept that their decisions are final.
    Technology creation process
    Create a submission thread using the Technology Creation Template.A Judge will review the submission.Approved submissions can be used immediately.Rejected submissions appeal for a one-time reconsideration.Reconsideration appeal
    The Judge will suggest changes to be made for the submission to be approved. Changes can include tweaking the specs, improving the depth of the history, or creating a development thread where required or requested. The appeal will be rejected if the player declines to take on the recommendations.
    Do not edit the original post. Post the updated submission as a reply to the thread. The Judge reserves the right to reject the appeal if the changes made are not up to the required standard.
  2. Major Factions are able to claim territories. When they wish to take over an unoccupied territory, they are required to carry out an Annexation thread. Each Major Faction can be involved in multiple concurrent Annexations. 
    Other factions are not allowed to interrupt an Annexation thread. Other Major Factions can initiate another Annexation thread for the same territory.
    The faction leader involved will be the narrator of the Annexation thread and will be in charge of creating the thread.
    All Annexations have to abide by the following rules:
    Tag the topic with the name of the faction involved. Remember to use the full name of the faction in title case.The faction must have a minimum of 3 players participating.Each player must not post more than a third of the total posts in the thread.The thread must have a minimum total of 50 posts from both factions.All posts must be be of good quality to avoid the the number minimum posts required being increased.Any breach of the Annexation rules would result in a failed occupation attempt.
    When the thread is completed, the faction leader must contact an Administrator, who would review the Annexation. If the occupation is approved, the territory will be assigned to the faction.
    If two factions finish an annexation of the same territory within 30 minutes of each other, an Invasion thread must be initiated to determine the ownership of the territory. The faction that decides not to join the Invasion thread loses the territory by default.
  3. Major Factions are able to claim territories. In some cases, the territories they wish to take over is occupied by another Major Faction. This requires the faction to carry out an Invasion thread. Each Major Faction can only be involved in one Invasion thread at a time.
    When a Major Faction decides to invade a territory, the faction leader must contact the faction leader of the defending Major Faction to discuss the Invasion. This is to ensure a fair and balanced battle.
    The faction leaders involved will be the narrators of the Invasion thread. The invading faction leader will be in charge of creating the Invasion thread.
    All Invasions have to abide by the following rules:
    Tag the topic with the name of the factions involved. Remember to use the full name of the faction in title case.Each faction must have a minimum of 3 players participating. The faction that is unable to meet this requirement within 72 hours of the thread creation will forfeit the battle.The thread must have a minimum total of 50 posts from both factions.Any breach of the Invasion rules would result in the victory being awarded to the defender.
    When the thread is near completion, the faction leaders must convene to decide on the victor. If the faction leaders are unable to come to an agreement at any point, they can request for an intervention by an Administrator, who would make the final decision.
  4. Welcome to Advent Destiny. We are a literate role-play. If you are unsure what that means, look it up or read the How to Role-play guide. You are expected to be familiar with the basic of role-play. If in doubt, ask for help.
    By role-playing on this site, you agree that:
    You will show respect to everyone in the role-play.You will keep out-of-character (OOC) messages to the absolute minimum. Please use the Role-play Discussion board for your OOC chatter.You will not use profane and vulgar language in your role-plays. Use your creativity to portray characters who would swear a lot without resorting to obscenities.You will not role-play controversial subjects such as torture, rape, paedophilia, excessive gore, and the likes. You can imply torture and gore but do not be graphic about it. Rape, paedophilia and such are not allowed in any form.You will not play a character from any existing series. Be creative and come up with an original character.You will role-play in English. You can describe in English what the character is saying in another English.You will justify attacking, plotting against or killing another character or faction in-character. Out-of-character disputes are no grounds for in-character actions.You will not kill a character without the consent of the owner.You accept that character deaths are final. If your character dies in the role-play, you cannot bring the character back.You will respect in-character confidentiality. When you play more than one character, secrets that one of your character is privy to should not be known by your other character(s).You will not repeat what the person before you has role-played unless you are portraying it in a different perspective. Lifting is cheating.The staff reserves the right to take any action they see fit for the infringement of these rules.
    If you have any queries regarding the rules, please contact our staff via the Help Desk.
  5. Post on General Rules in Announcements

    By Valiant, posted
    Welcome to Advent Destiny. It is a pleasure to see you join our community of passionate role-players. Please abide by our rules when using the website. These rules cover the the use for the whole site. Rules regarding role-playing are detailed under Role-play rules. We are here to enjoy ourselves so we would like to keep restrictions minimal, but at the same time, we need some rules to ensure a civil environment where our members can indulge in fulfilling interactions.
    By posting on this site, you agree that:
    You are least thirteen (13) years old, or guided by a parent if younger.You are responsible for anything that is posted by your account.You will not submit content that engages in criminal behavior or that encourages others to engage in criminal behavior.You will not engage in behaviour that is abusive, harassing, disruptive, trolling, or threatening to another user.You will not submit content that contains obscenities, pornography, profanity, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, slander, threats, or any other forms of discrimination directed at another user.You will not spam. Spam will be deleted. Spammers will be hang, drawn, quartered, minced and made into spam.You will not submit unsolicited advertisements. Advertising is defined as the posting of a link in an attempt to gain traffic or members. If you wish to be an affiliate and exchange links, please contact us.You will not attempt to solicit personal information from other members.When you contribute to Advent Destiny, you add your role-plays, settings, profiles, and all other posts to the shared universe and we do not remove them on request.If you break a rule, we will not accept an excuse saying you did not know there was such a rule. The rules will be updated and announcements will be made, upon which it is your onus to update yourself with the rules.
    These rules apply to all aspects of the sites, including, but not limited, to private messages, profile statuses, and chatroom messages. Infringement of these rules will be considered grounds for a ban from Advent Destiny. The site administrators and moderators will do our part in ensuring that any infringing content, based on our understanding of the rules, will be kept off the site. It is, however, impossible for us to review all messages posted here. If you encounter any objectionable material, please report it to the staff via the report post link beside the post date of each entry.

    The administrators of Advent Destiny reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any content for any reason or no reason, and to ban or close any account for any reason or no reason.
    If you have any queries regarding the rules, please contact our staff via the Help Desk.