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Guide Factions

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This article refers to factions in the Advent Destiny role-play only.

Advent Destiny has an open creation system for factions. Any players can create a faction.

Minor factions

All factions start off as a minor faction, with the exception of the main factions of the role-play. Minor factions that meet the requirements can request to be promotion to a Major faction in the Role-play Discussion board. Minor factions that have not been involved in an role-play can be declared inactive by a staff at any time and be removed.

Major factions

Major factions are factions that have remained active and contribute consistently to the role-play. They might or might not play a significant role in the storyline.

As a reward, Major factions are granted the following benefits:

  1. They are able to role-play having a large fleet or army, and have large pools of resources and manpower.
  2. They are granted access to dedicated faction boards.
  3. They are able to occupy neutral territories and engage invade enemy territories.
  4. They can declare a city as their capital or headquarters.

To become and remain as a Major faction, the faction has to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be active. Minor factions need to be active for 30 days before it is eligible for promotion.
  2. Have 5 or more players with active characters in the faction.
  3. Have a feasible background and history that fits into the role-play.

The faction creator automatically assumes the role of the faction leadership. They should be role-playing a high-ranking character within the faction. Should the faction leader step down or removed from the position due to inactivity, the faction will vote publicly to elect a new faction leader.

Faction leaders are responsible for the discipline in their faction and help the staff to enforce the General and Role-play rules.

Major faction demotion

Should a Major faction infringes on the rules or become inactive, the staff may initiate a vote to revoke its major faction status. If the vote is passed, the faction will be served a notice of closure. The faction will have 14 days to boost the activity of its members or address the rule infringement. After the 14 days, the staff will vote again to determine if the faction retains its Major faction status or be demoted to a Minor faction.

 If the Major faction is demoted to a Minor faction, it loses its benefits. It will not be able to role-play having a large fleet or army, and it will lose control of its territories. The faction boards will be closed.



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