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Rules Annexation Rules

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Major Factions are able to claim territories. When they wish to take over an unoccupied territory, they are required to carry out an Annexation thread. Each Major Faction can be involved in multiple concurrent Annexations. 

Other factions are not allowed to interrupt an Annexation thread. Other Major Factions can initiate another Annexation thread for the same territory.

The faction leader involved will be the narrator of the Annexation thread and will be in charge of creating the thread.

All Annexations have to abide by the following rules:

  1. Tag the topic with the name of the faction involved. Remember to use the full name of the faction in title case.
  2. The faction must have a minimum of 3 players participating.
  3. Each player must not post more than a third of the total posts in the thread.
  4. The thread must have a minimum total of 50 posts from both factions.
  5. All posts must be be of good quality to avoid the the number minimum posts required being increased.

Any breach of the Annexation rules would result in a failed occupation attempt.

When the thread is completed, the faction leader must contact an Administrator, who would review the Annexation. If the occupation is approved, the territory will be assigned to the faction.

If two factions finish an annexation of the same territory within 30 minutes of each other, an Invasion thread must be initiated to determine the ownership of the territory. The faction that decides not to join the Invasion thread loses the territory by default.


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