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Guide Character profile template

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Character images go here.

Full name: Give your character a name, even if it might not be their real one. Canon names are not allowed.
Faction: Does your character belong to any faction?
Rank: Does your character have any social title or hold a rank in their faction?
Age: This helps other players gauge your character's appearance and behaviour.
Sex: Is your character male, female, transgendered etc?
Height: How tall is your character?
Weight: How heavy is your character?
Eyes: What is the natural eye colour of your character?
Hair: What is the natural hair colour of your character? Is your character's hair dyed?
Skin: What's your character's skin colour?
Handiness: Is your character left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous?


Describe your character's personality. Some things to include are the behaviour, rationale, personal beliefs, way of thinking, motivation,and how these affect their way of life and their interaction with others. Be sure to update this section as the role-play progresses.

Strengths and weaknesses

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Your character should have at least two weaknesses. Remember, it might be easier to describe a situation that highlights your character's traits rather than simply describing it.


Describe your character's physical appearance. This is how other players will see your character.

Describe in detail, preferably five to seven paragraphs of at least six sentences each, your character's back story up to the point where you started role-playing as the character. Be sure to update this section as the role-play progresses.


List down notable belongings that your character owns, especially items that were created and have an entry in the Compendium. This is to help other players if they need to look for references when role-playing with you. You do not need to list every single item that your character has.


Post the names of the player-controlled characters that your character has killed and link to the thread that the event happened.


List chronologically the links and the titles to all the role-play threads that your character is in. State if the role-play is in progress or completed.

Coliseum battles

List the Coliseum battles that your character participated in.

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