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Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT)

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The Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT) is the military of the alliance of PLANT Cities.


 It was originally a political alliance called the Zodiac Alliance, which fights for the rights and independence of Coordinators. ZAFT has a well-equipped and technologically-advanced fleet. ZAFT is subjected to the authority of the PLANT Supreme Council Chairperson and reports directly to the National Defence Committee

Combat Ranks (Uniform colours)

General (Purple)


Lieutenant General (Purple/White)


Major General (White)


Group Captain (Black/White)


Wing Commander (Black)


Squadron Leader (Red/Black)


Flight Lieutenant (Red/Green)


Flight Officer (Red/Green)


Pilot Officer (Green)


Pilot (Green)



Explanation of Uniform Colours

Custom coloured pilot suits: Any mobile suit pilot in the ZAFT forces that proves themselves in combat are allowed to have a custom color pilot suit. These pilots have no distinct rank but are usually better than their counter-parts.

Purple: Worn by members of the PLANT Defense Council and bureaucrats associated with ZAFT. Once again added devices or denotations on the uniform represent the bearer's level of seniority, importance, and/or responsibility.

White: Worn by senior or ranking ZAFT commanders or high-ranking ZAFT officials. Standard white uniforms are worn by senior ship captains who are in command of larger and more powerful capital ships, although they are still considered equivalent in rank to other ship captains. Added devices or denotations on the uniform increases the bearer's level of seniority, importance, and/or responsibility.

Black: Worn by the ship captains and executive officers or officers with high level of responsibility. This is also the color worn by ZAFT officers attached to or assisting ranking government officials.

Red: Worn by top graduates from ZAFT's military academy. ZAFT Red members wear red uniforms to display their elite status. Although they are respected, soldiers who wear red do not necessarily have higher positions than their green-clad comrades.

Green: Worn by common soldiers, technicians, or mobilesuit pilots. They designate that the personnel has completed standard training up to their expectations. These troops usually receive only about half year of training.

Olive: Worn by soldiers in ground combat situations.

Yellow: A custom variation of the olive ground combat soldier uniform. Andrew Waltfeld appears to be the only one who wears this color uniform. Later, he is shown wearing a yellow variation of the white uniform.

Bright green: Worn by mechanics only.




Fast Acting Integrate Tactical Headquarters (FAITH) is an elite subset of ZAFT personnel that have remarkable war records and certain character traits. They are appointed by the PLANT council or the Chairperson, to whom they are solely answerable. Their authority is above those of Squadron Commanders, and can presumably give strategic orders on the spot or override any orders given to them by anyone other than the Council.

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