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People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology (PLANT)

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The People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology (PLANT) is the alliance of Coordinator nations.


The space colonies that were designed and built by the United Nations were called Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology (PLANTs). They were built as manufacturing and research facilities but when animosity broke out between Naturals and Coordinators, they became home to the latter. The Coordinators fled to the PLANTs to escape persecution by the Naturals on Earth and the Moon.

The PLANTs are divided into twelve "Cities" named after the months of the Roman Calender, Januarius, Februarius, Martius, Aprilius, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, December. Each City is made up of ten PLANTs and is actually an independent nation with its own government. However, the Cities are united under the People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology out of the need for protection and the fact that they share a common heritage.

The PLANT Supreme Council preside over the governments of each PLANT City. The PLANTs are led by the Supreme Council Chairperson, Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine. The PLANT Supreme Council is based on Aprilius One. Unlike the Earth Alliance's Secretary-General, the Supreme Council Chairperson has a strong hold over the PLANT military, the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT).


The United Nations funded the construction of space colonies as manufacturing and research facilities at Lagrange point L5. These hourglass shaped colonies are known as PLANTs and were primarily manned by Coordinators. Ten PLANTs are linked together to form a cluster of PLANTs. PLANTs in a cluster specialised in similar or related fields of work. A hundred and twenty PLANTs were built initially.

Over time, they became a haven for Coordinators fleeing persecution. Eventually the PLANTs became permanent homes to the vast majority of the Coordinator population. When the war begin, the PLANTs became independent nations. The PLANTs are divided according to the clusters into twelve Cities, each named for a month of the Roman Calendar.

In CE 70, a nuclear attack by the Earth Alliance destroy the Junius Seven PLANT in the Bloody Valentine Incident. In CE 74, Januarius One to Four and December Seven and Eight were destroyed in by the weapon of mass destruction, Requiem, the Second Bloody Valentine War.
As of CE 85, there are 117 PLANTs located at Lagrange point 5. Januarius Eleven and Twelve and December Eleven and Twelve have since been construction as part of the PLANT rebuilding process after the PEACE Treaty was signed. Work is still in progress for Junius Eleven.


The PLANT Supreme Council is an executive committee of twelve elected members, each representing a City. Each member is assigned to one of the five Councils of the Supreme Council: Judicial, Administrative, Legislative, Diplomatic, and National Defense. The Supreme Council Chairperson presides over the PLANT Supreme Council. The PLANT Supreme Council is based on Aprilius One. The current Supreme Council Chairperson is Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine. Unlike the Earth Alliance's Secretary-General, the Supreme Council Chairperson has a strong influence over ZAFT.

The members of the Supreme Council are divided politically into the Moderate and Radical Factions. The Moderates seek peaceful resolutions with the Earth Alliance while the Radicals believe in attacking being the best form of defense.


Four PLANTs are located at Largrange point 4. They form the ZAFT military base, Armoury One.

The Carpentaria Base is one of two major terrestrial bases ZAFT has control over. It is found in the Gulf of Carpentaria, along the northern coast of Australia, which is part of the Oceania Union, a PLANT Ally. The base was constructed within two months from disassembled parts that were dropped from space. The other major base on Earth is the Gibraltar base. After capturing the Gibraltar land formation, the base was constructed and it became a staging area for ZAFT offensive in Europe and Africa. Although the base was captured by the Earth Alliance, it was returned to PLANT under the agreement of the Treaty of Junius.


As of CE 85, PLANT has two allied nations on Earth. They are the Oceania Union and the African Community. However, during the First Bloody Valentine War, the United States of South America (USSA) had struck a deal with ZAFT, to covertly trade supplies and goods. However, the alliance was short lived, as the Atlantic Federation forcefully severed this deal via heavy invasion of USSA. Currently, USSA is not an ally of PLANT. These nations believe that cooperation with Coordinators would prove beneficial for both Naturals and Coordinators. They maintain trade and diplomatic ties with PLANT. In return, they are supplied with ZAFT-produced mobile weapons.

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