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Earth Alliance

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The Earth Alliance is an international organisation formed by four terrestrial nations to enable greater military and diplomatic cooperation and support against the threat posed by ZAFT.


The Earth Alliance is an international organisation formed by four terrestrial nations to enable greater military and diplomatic cooperation and support against the threat posed by ZAFT. The Alliance was initially founded to succeed the United Nations as an international body to intervene in conflicts between nations and thereby avoid war.

The Alliance consists of the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, the Republic of East Asia and the South African Union. All four nations have close diplomatic ties, despite their differing views regarding certain issues. The Alliance is led by the Secretary-General. However, the Secretary-General does not have much powers and lacks control over the Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer, the military of the Alliance. The current Secretary-General is Hyun Jin-Ho from the Republic of East Asia.

The OMNI Enforcer is the military arm of the Earth Alliance. It is made up of the combined armed forces of the four member nations. Grand Admiral Alastair Hayden is the current commander of the OMNI Enforcer. His influence over the military gives him power within the Alliance that even surpasses that of the Secretary-General.


The Earth Alliance was officially founded with the Alaska Declaration made on the 7th February CE 70, after its predecessor, the United Nations, was wiped out by a terrorist attack in the Tragedy of Copernicus on 5th February. The founding members are the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation and the Republic of East Asia. The initial aim of the Alliance was to intervene in conflicts between nations and thereby avoid war. It was also to facilitate co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues among the member nations.

Although the Kingdom of Scandinavia, the South African Union and the Equatorial Union were members of the United Nations, they refused the offer to join the Earth Alliance. The failure of the United Nations to make an impact on international issues prompted the two nations to maintain neutrality in international issues. The founding members of the Alliance made numerous offers of trade agreements and various other benefits but the Kingdom of Scandinavia and the Equatorial Union stood firm to their decision. The South African Union agreed to the membership as it was in need of the aid provided by the members of the Alliance.


The ruling body of the Earth Alliance is made up of a Council with a representative from each member nation. The Earth Alliance Council|Alliance Council is led by the Secretary-General. The leader of the Earth Alliance is elected into office by the governments of the member nations. The representatives of each nation on the Council has veto power on any resolution made. The early Secretary-Generals were from the Atlantic Federation and Eurasian Federation.

In recent times, there have been signs that the Secretary-General lacks control over the OMNI Enforcer. The Grand Admiral has absolute power over the military and there have been times when the Secretary-General had to defer to the Grand Admiral. This have made the Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Federation to push for the post of the Grand Admiral of the OMNI Enforcer. They are also more willing to let the weaker member nations have the seat of the Secretary-General. They see such a move as a way to appease the smaller nations and provide them with the illusion that they have a say in matters of the Alliance.

Late in the Second Bloody Valentine War, it was revealed that the real control of the OMNI Enforcer laid in the hands of LOGOS, a military industrial company. LOGOS had influence over the Blue Cosmos, the most radical of the anti-Coordinator activist groups in the Earth Alliance. The members of LOGOS were trialled and executed as war criminals. The Blue Cosmos were rounded up and imprisoned. The more prominent members were hanged. Not all members of the activist group were captured. These went into hiding and secretly joined up with other activist groups.

The current Secretary-General is Hyun Jin-Ho of the Republic of East Asia. Unlike his predecessor from the South African Union, his was less of a ceremonial role as the influence of the OMNI Enforcer waned in light of the peace between the Earth Alliance and PLANT.


The OMNI Enforcer is the combined armed forces of the four member nations. Grand Admiral Alastair Hayden is the current commander of Alliance's military.

They developed several important military innovations during the war: the second-generation Mobile Operating System, Phase Shift armour, Lightwave Barrier, beam weaponry and the Mirage Colloid stealth system.

Member Nations

Atlantic Federation

The Atlantic Federation is the largest and most powerful member of the Earth Alliance. Although allied against ZAFT, the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations have long been rivals, and a strong undercurrent of mistrust remains between them. The Atlantic Federation is a superstate successor of the United States of America, and the Organization of American States which are comprised of what once were Canada and Mexico (plus Great Britain and Ireland), and the islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Its capital is Washington DC and its President still lives and works at the White House.

The Atlantic Federation provides the largest segment of the Earth Alliance's military, and pioneered the efforts to develop advanced mobile suits to counter those of ZAFT. The Atlantic Federation also has broader and deeper anti-Coordinator sentiment than the rest of the Alliance, and has been more thoroughly infiltrated by Blue Cosmos. While the Atlantic Federation solidified its position as the dominant force in the Earth Alliance with its large mobile suits force which tried to hold the Alliance together, the heavy losses it suffered in the final months of the war could provide the Eurasian Federation the opportunity it has been waiting for to supersede them as the leaders of the Alliance.

Eurasian Federation

The Eurasian Federation resents its inferior position to the Atlantic Federation, which has been exacerbated by the Atlantic Federation's successful development of mobile suits. Eventually, the Eurasian Federation produces newer, even more advanced mobile suits of its own, such as the CAT1-X Hyperion series. The two rivals were evenly matched as a result; while Atlantic Federation completely outnumbered the Eurasian Federation, the Eurasians had technologically superior weapons. With the heavy losses the Atlantic Federation suffered in the last months of the war, the Eurasian Federation's influence in the Earth Alliance seemed poised to grow. After the first war they lost large amounts of territory to the Equatorial Union and ZAFT controlled African Community.

During the colony drop of Junius Seven, the Eurasian Federation suffered heavily, with severe damage to many historical cities including Rome, London, Prague and Athens. Rome and Athens were hit especially hard; the Basilica of St. Peter and the Acropolis were both destroyed by debris hits.

Republic of East Asia

The Republic of East Asia is the third largest power of the Earth Alliance. The value of the nation to the Alliance lies in its possession of the Kaohsiung mass driver. The spaceport is vital to the Alliance's economy as well as their military might. The mass driver was captured by ZAFT in the First Bloody Valentine War, but was returned to the Republic when the war ended.

In the Second Bloody Valentine War, a sizeable naval fleet of the Republic separated from their Nation and allied themselves with ZAFT. However most of the fleet was destroyed in the assault against the LOGOS stronghold, Heaven's Base.

South African Union

Poverty is rampant in the South African Union. Its possession of the Victoria mass driver is the sole reason for the other members of the Alliance to continue providing aid to it. The government of the Union is a puppet of the Atlantic Federation as the latter is the primary source of aid for the Union.

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