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Republic of East Asia

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The Republic of East Asia is the third largest and powerful member of the Earth Alliance.


 It spans the territories of China, Mongolia, Japan and Korea. This nation owns the Kaohsiung mass driver, which is vital for the Alliance's economic and military might.

Brief Overview

Capital: Beijing

Military Headquarters: Shanghai

Chief of State: Premier

Major Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kobe, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Guangzhou, Tibet, Macau


The formation of the Republic of East Asia was in response to the near-simultaneous formations of the Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Federation back during the early Cosmic Era years. Despite this unprecedented unification, the Republic fell behind in terms of technological and military power in comparison to the two Federations. It continued to rely on its strength of sheer manpower that the nation could mobilize for both its military and industries.

Despite several squabbles with the other nation-states, the Republic was able to complete its first major project, the Kaohsiung Mass Driver. While Hong Kong and Shanghai still served as major terrestrial economic centrers, the southern Taiwan spaceport bridged the Republic with outer space. With this, the Republic's strength and influence grew. However, the completion of the mass driver caused further resentment between the Republic and the Atlantic Federation. The Atlantic Federation, in cooperation with the United States of South America, accelerated construction of the Porta Panama mass driver. Eurasian Federation pushed for tariffs and other trade restrictions against the Republic despite already possessing the Gibraltar spaceport.

It was not until the Tragedy of Copernicus in which these nations finally united through the formation of the Earth Alliance. The Republic understood the need for cooperation and allowed full access to their mass driver and other facilities upon the formation of the Alliance’s military arm, OMNI Enforcer. Utilizing their industrial strength, the Republic began full production of armaments and other goods for the entire Earth Alliance. The government also sought a representative to take the role of Secretary-General in the Earth Alliance, even though they knew that the position was inherently inferior to the Grand Admiral. Similar to the Eurasian Federation, the influence of Blue Cosmos was minor and the population in general did not house as much of the anti-Coordinator fervour that plagued the Atlantic Federation. This would have led to further friction, but the Republic concessions and contributions to the Alliance reduced potential resentment to a mere simmer.

With the commencement of the First Bloody Valentine War, the Republic was hit by two harsh blows in one swift stroke. ZAFT's earthbound offensive, Operation Uroboros, initially crippled the Republic’s industries and military defences through the deployment of Neutron-Jammers. The Republic was able to quickly recover since they still used a large number of hydroelectric dams and clean coal plants, but many sections of the Republic were still without power and they had difficulty containing the chaos in several major cities. Despite that, they continued to fuel the Alliance's war machine. But with ZAFT's successful conquest of the Kaohsiung spaceport months later, the Republic's influence waned as they were sidelined until the war’s end.

During the Second Bloody Valentine War, the Republic reeled from the damage it took during the Junius Seven colony drop. Many cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, were either flooded by tidal waves or completely wiped out by falling debris. Surviving members of the government and military command relocated inland; the government relocated to Xi’an and the military to Chengdu in the Sichuan province.

After the excessive razing of Berlin in the Eurasian Federation and the revelation of the existence of LOGOS, the Republic broke off from the Alliance. They also backed their citizens' furore and moved to apprehend and persecute LOGOS members and supporters, including those with close ties with a portion of the government. The military quickly deployed several naval fleets to Gibraltar, where many former EA units gathered. However, this sudden opportunity turned into disaster as nearly eighty percent of the Republic’s naval assets were completely wiped out during the EA/ZAFT alliance’s assault on Heaven's Base. Once again, the Republic was forced to sit on the sidelines until the end of the war.

With the signing of the PEACE Treaty, a new lease on life was given to the Republic of East Asia. It underwent a massive reconstruction effort and managed to rebuild most of the cities damaged or lost during the colony drop, albeit not to their original state. It was during this time in which the Republic started somewhat cordial relationships with neutral and ZAFT-aligned nations by offering mutual support during the reconstruction process.

Even though the Earth Alliance was reunited, the member nations were still wary of their supposed allies. Because of this as well as the results of the past two wars, the Republic began to take a more proactive stance in their involvement in the Alliance. Significant effort was taken to rigorously build up and train their military defence forces in order to attain equal standing with the two Federations. The Republic continued to gain more influence during this time of peace and with the current Secretary-General, Hyun-Jin Ho.


The Republic of East Asia operates under a parliamentary democracy. The executive leader is the Premier and delegates to a score of Cabinet members. The government also contains a parliament, with approximately equal representation among the nation blocs and a judiciary. While the general public votes for both members of the parliament and the Premier, the Premier appoints Cabinet members after approval from the Parliament. This same process is done for appointing members for the Earth Alliance Council and for Secretary-General candidates. The Premier can only take emergency powers in times of war and must be ready to relinquish them. The creators of the government went back to old Chinese cultural references by tying the government officials with that of the Mandate of Heaven. During rare occasions, the citizenry could rise up and call for the resignation of the Premier or other ranking officials. This provides the incentive for the politicians to maintain a strong rapport with the people.


While a significant portion of the Republic's existing military is integrated into OMNI Enforcer, they still maintain a number of naval fleets, armies, and other military units for their own domestic defences. Given the new, proactive stance that the Republic took after the reconstruction process, they also have two space fleets stationed at the Riccus Lunar support base. They also have several Independent Mobile Battalion|Independent Mobile Battalions that answer only to the Premier and the Republic’s central military command.

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