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South African Union

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The South African Union is the weakest nation of the Earth Alliance.


 The only value it has to the Earth Alliance is the Victoria mass driver that it possess. The Union spans the territories of Southern Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Seychelles, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Because of its dependence on aid from the other nations of the Earth Alliance, the Union has yet to become a truly independent nation.

Brief Overview

Capital: Cape Town

Military Headquarters: Antananarivo

Chief of State: President

Major Cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Dar es Salaam, Harare, Victoria


In light of the civil wars that raged constantly across North Africa, many southern African nations united in order to provide a strong and stable nation-state. This resulted in the formation of the South African Union. However, the transition to a large nation-state was anything but smooth. The unification did nothing to erase the graft and corruption that existed in the local governments.

Many nations in the Union were already on the borderline state of poverty and the continued corruption did nothing to help the situation. It was during the early years of the Union when they began to depend on aid from the three major powers on Earth: the Atlantic Federation, Eurasian Federation, and the Republic of East Asia. The more the Union depended on foreign aid, the more transparent their power and influence were. The Union made numerous concessions with little opposition to a variety of demands from the other nation-states, including the joint Eurasian Federation/South African Union construction of the vital Victoria mass driver.

While the mass driver was a boon to the struggling Union economy, it further raised the Union's dependence on the other terrestrial powers. The government turned a blind eye to various activities on their soil, such as the conscription of entire villages into forced labour for the construction of military facilities.

With the formation of the Earth Alliance, the Union gave up more concessions by allowing OMNI Enforcer military units, especially those from the Atlantic Federation, to occupy bases and other key facilities across the Union. The government welcomed these units because their own armies and constabulary forces were woefully ill-equipped to defend the Union from the growing Coordinator threat. Also, they allowed the instalment of an Atlantic Federation-appointed candidate to take the seat of the Presidency, due to the significant influence and aid the Atlantic Federation brought into the nation.

But like the Republic of East Asia, the Union took a devastating blow in the loss of its own mass driver and spaceport. With the loss of the Victoria spaceport, the Union essentially lost its value, so the Atlantic Federation pulled back their military support and left the Union to fend for itself. Almost immediately afterwards, numerous dissenters and splinter groups rose up endangering what little stability the Union had left. The Eurasian Federation, whether it was for actual humanitarian purposes or just to spite the Atlantic Federation, sent in military units, food, and supplies to keep the Union in one piece. They also encouraged government officials to become more independent, rather than remain a lapdog of the Atlantic Federation.

But with few reformists and moderates in the government, the Union continued to struggle throughout the first war and even into the second. With the Junius Seven colony drop, the Union’s capital, Cape Town, was flooded like many other coastal cities throughout the world. Even the Eurasian Federation pulled back some of their units to assist their homeland. The state of poverty plus the chaos following the colony drop once again endangered the integrity of the Union. It continued to struggle until the signing of the PEACE Treaty.

As aid from the Eurasian Federation, Republic of East Asia, and sympathizers from the Atlantic Federation flowed in, the reformists in the Union government managed to gain influence and began to rebuild their ragged nation. But the government has a long road ahead of them if they are to assert themselves as a truly independent nation of the Earth Alliance.


The South African Union operates under a Republic, in which citizens vote for representatives, which in turn, will vote on legislation and the appointment of executive official However, with the significant corruption within the government, it isn’t surprising that the citizens tend to distrust their government. Reformists are attempting to rectify this issue, but it’s clear that this process will take some time


The Union's military comprises mainly of local defence forces that are meant to safeguard the security of each of the Union’s nation blocs. While some citizens enlist in OMNI Enforcer, the Union does not have any formal military units. It is entirely dependent on military units sent in from other nations in the Earth Alliance.

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