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Kingdom of Scandinavia

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The Kingdom of Scandinavia is the second largest neutral nation.



The Kingdom spans the Scandinavian Peninsula, including territories of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Like the Orb Union, it accepts both Coordinators and Naturals as citizens. The Kingdom is ruled by the King, who is assisted by a panel of elected legislature. The King is a revered figure his Kingdom. The capital of the Kingdom is the city of Trondheim. The reigning monarch is King Ragnar Johansson.

Brief Overview

Capital: Trondheim

Military Headquarters: Stockholm

Chief of State: King

Major Cities: Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo


The Kingdom is ruled by the royal family. The King is assisted in decision making by a panel of elected legislature. The title of nobility is bestowed on individuals who have contributed significantly to the Kingdom and the title would then be passed down the family line.

The Kingdom is divided into three Duchies: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Duchies were divided among the three children of the late King Gottfrid. However, upon the exile of the elder prince, Ulric, the Duchy of Denmark was placed under the rule of Prince Ragnar. He is still the ruler of the Duchies even after his ascension to the throne.


The Kingdom lacks the technological advancement that the Orb Union

boasts of but it has a formidable fleet on hand to defend its independence and neutrality.

The military of the Kingdom is the Black Company. The Royal Guards make up the elite, who are in the personal command of the King.

The Royal Guards is a group of men and women chosen from the ranks of the most elite persons to become through rigorous training more then men, more then women. They became specialists in multiple fields, hand to hand combat, melee weaponry combat, explosive ordnances, and of the latest, mobile weaponry.

The first of mobile weapons developed for Kingdom of Scandinavia - the suits of the Berah-class - were given to the Royal Guard for testing of the prototype suits. As the suits are equipped with the latest technology acquired both from Scandinavia and abroad through various means, it was only proper to allow the most elite soldiers have the first priority upon testing this subject.

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