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United States of South America

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The United States of South America is a neutral nation.



It was an ally of PLANT but has since declared itself a neutral nation accommodating both Coordinators and Naturals. Its territories span the whole South American continent. Its former territories in Central America and the Caribbean were ceded to the Atlantic Federation in an attempt to appease the stronger nation. The Federation had invaded and annexed the nation in the Second Bloody Valentine War. At the end of the war, the United States fought for freedom in the South American War of Independence.

Many leaders in the world protested the act of aggression and the Atlantic Federation finally relented at the end of the war. In accordance to the Treaty of Junius, the latter pulled out of South America and the Caribbean but held possession of Central America, a strategic position where the Porta Panama mass driver and the Panama base are located. Although it had contributed to the construction of the mass driver and the base, the United States of South America was resigned to letting the powerful nation have its way.

Brief Overview

Capital: Buenos Aires

Military Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Chief of State: President

Major Cities: Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Santiago, Bogota, Panama City, Montevideo, Lima, Guatemala, San Salvador, Havana, Kingston, Mexico City




The nation is led by the President Riva Cícero de Silva from the capital city of Buenos Aires.


The nation is very weak from the war and occupation by the Atlantic Federation. Although several neutral factions sent armies to help maintain its stability, the country has a long way to go before it regains its former glory.

The military of the United States is the Independent Vanguard, Invader and Cerberus Triumvirate of the United States (INVICTUS). The former military of the United States was dissolved after the invasion and subsequent occupation by the Atlantic Federation. In order to provide the United States with the capability to defend themselves, the INVICTUS was formed. Many former members of the military joined up and the United States had a skeletal army in place. The Orb Union and Kingdom of Scandinavia contributed to the rebuilding of the United States by dispatching soldiers to train and aid in the restructuring of the military.

The Vindicators of Amity, Liberty and Equity Regiment (VALER) was formed from the elite of the INVICTUS.

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