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Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer

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Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion (OMNI) Enforcer is the military of the Earth Alliance.



 Most of the top officers of the OMNI Enforcer are from the Atlantic Federation. OMNI Enforcer has a large, well-equipped space fleet, though they lack the advanced technology of ZAFT’s fleet.

While it has received a great deal of bad press over the years, mostly due to its manipulation by LOGOS and Blue Cosmos members, it remains an organised and devoted faction that stands for the protection of the entirety of Earth itself. Keeping to the PEACE Treaty, the Earth Alliance has severed all ties with LOGOS, and has banned their armies from using N-Jammer Canceller and Mirage Colloid technologies.

Their ultimate goal is to unify  the Earth and all surrounding regions in a peaceful manner, and to create a single force to protect the Earth from oppression and hardships.


Rank System

Officer (Space / Ground)

Admiral / General - The Admiral and General are the most senior rank in the military and they command entire fleets/army groups.

ea-admiral.thumb.png.35dd2e079b0073e7f13 ea-general.thumb.png.027537146de33b08c08

Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General - The Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General assist the Admiral and General respectively in the command of large fleets by leading the front-line vessels, taking the brunt of enemy assaults and ensuring the safety of the Admiral and General.

ea-vadmiral.thumb.png.8c3afa689fefd92545 ea-lgeneral.thumb.png.8eaf8e94de61c87e44

Rear Admiral / Major General - The Rear Admiral and Major General assist the their superiors in commanding large fleets. As the name suggests, the Rear Admiral commands the ships that make up the rear forces, ensuring a safe retreat window is always available should the tide of war turn unfavourable. The Major General commands several brigades.

ea-radmiral.thumb.png.b6ba2d945d3425050f ea-mgeneral.thumb.png.cd45fca6a39311ef0f

Captain / Colonel - The graduates from the Captains’ Academy are assigned to specific battleships and is tasked with overseeing the safe operation of the vessel. Captains of land battleships are often referred to as captains of the ship they command, however they actually hold the rank of Colonel.

ea-captain.thumb.png.281edea567bec957d3d ea-colonel.thumb.png.b059d80a37a592549db

Commander / Lieutenant Colonel - These are officers renowned for their tactical prowess. They confer with the Captains to strategise the execution of an operation. They rarely sortie in frontline combat unless the situation demands it.

ea-commander.thumb.png.5286e55799da14eea ea-lcolonel.thumb.png.430f85c5835cc2d443

Lieutenant Commander / Major - These are dedicated officers with an exceptional performance record who often take on advisory roles to ship crew. They are the highest-ranking officer that regularly sortie in frontline battles.

ea-lcommander.thumb.png.de58cfc086eea302 ea-major.thumb.png.1ec0e9bec4c804deb76ca

Lieutenant - These are respectable officers who assist higher-ranking officers and training junior officers.


Lieutenant Junior Grade - Officers who show potential are promoted to Junior Grade. They take on leadership roles in small squadrons or advisory roles to the ship crew


Ensign - The lowest-ranking officers are usually the second-in-command within small squadrons. 



Non-Comissioned Officer

Chief Petty Officer - High-ranking ship crew such as the chief mechanic and doctors usually hold this rank. Their authority is usually restricted to their field of expertise.


First-class Petty Officer - This middle rank for ship crew is held by mechanics, helmsman, and doctors.


Second-class Petty Officer - Low-ranking ship crew such as apprentice mechanics, nurses, and CIC officers usually hold this rank. They report to a higher ranking officer.



Enlisted personnel

First-class Crewman - Low-ranking crew such as CIC officers and pilots hold this rank. They continue to show good development, moving towards a possible role as an officer.


Second-class Crewman - Low-ranking crew such as CIC officers and pilots hold this rank. They have distinguished themselves through consistently good performance.


Recruit - These are fresh rookies who completed basic military training.

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