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Federation of the Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces

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The Federation of the Royal Emirates Elite Forces (FREE Forces) is the military of the United Emirates of Orb.


The FREE Forces are technologically more advanced than their Earth Alliance counterpart and can almost match the superior technology of ZAFT. The FREE Forces is under the direct command of the Supreme Commander, who is usually the Chief Representative of the Orb Union.

After the turmoil wrought by both Bloody Valentine Wars, the Orb Union's new ruling nobility decided to drop the nation's neutral stance, declaring to the rest of mankind that Orb would be upholding its ideals without dropping its guard, having been twice betrayed. In the wake of this 'new' Orb Union came the re-organized FREE Forces, the new defenders of Orb's sovereignty.

Unlike the previous military, the FREE Forces have taken a more pro-active role in their nation’s self-imposed mission of bringing peace and harmony to humankind. When nations devastated by calamities request aid, Orb and its loyal FREE soldiers have always been among the first to respond, earning them the reputation of being high-minded idealists with the conviction to match.

Rank System

The ranks of the FREE Forces are categorised under the various Command Divisions. Under each Command, they are further divided into the various ranks. The Command Division is displayed on the left breast of the uniform while the rank held is indicated by the insignia on the left collar. The Supreme Command has golden trim on the collar of the uniform while others have the standard blue trim.

Supreme Command


The Supreme Command Division consists of the top officers of the FREE Forces, and can command several armies or fleets, at any time. Though they have nearly similar duties and responsibilities, officers at each rank must answer to those of higher rank than them within this group, as well as to the civilian government. The rank of Supreme Commander is reserved only for the Princess of Orb, and even the representatives of Orb's ruling aristocracy have authority over the FREE Forces Admirals, displaying the ideal state of superiority of a civilian government over its nation's military.


  • Supreme Commander


  • Admiral


  • Vice Admiral


  • Rear Admiral


High Command


The High Command Divisions consists of the strategic-operations level officers of the FREE Forces, each commanding their own army, fleet or part thereof, usually on-board flagships or, for more aggressive personalities, riding in signature mobile units. A FREE Forces ship captain is usually a Colonel, with a Lieutenant Colonel serving as their Executive Officer or their ship's mobile units' elite squadron leader. Generals and Brigadier Generals are often tasked with the administration of entire bases or outposts, and as such are always assigned to armies or fleets with orders to capture or hold territory, or for similarly prolonged campaigns.


  • General


  • Brigadier General


  • Colonel


  • Lieutenant Colonel


Senior Command


The Senior Command Division consists of the tactical-operations level officers of the FREE Forces, each one expected to lead their squadrons at the front lines of any conflict in order to achieve the objectives given to them by their superiors. The main difference between officers at this Command Division is the extent of their authority.

Second Lieutenants rarely lead squadrons at the start of an engagement, but are expected to lead broken squadrons during the course of battle. Captains and Majors, on the other hand, are authorized to command up to two or four squadrons at any time, respectively. Generally, a squadron is led by a Lieutenant, but elite squadrons and squadrons with experimental units are often composed of Lieutenants and Second Lieutenants, so these are almost always lead by an exceptional Captain or Major.


  • Major


  • Captain


  • First Lieutenant


  • Second Lieutenant


Junior Command


The Junior Command Division consists of the rank-and-file soldiers and officers of the FREE Forces, each one expected to work together to achieve success in any task set before them. Though there are technically four ranks, most soldiers do not differentiate between Sergeant Major and Sergeant, and between Leading Private and Private, as the responsibilities at these paired ranks are so similar that they simply denote who has authority over another. Like most military, Sergeants and Privates form the bulk of the FREE Forces, and can be seen working in various branches of the military, not just as front-line soldiers.

As such, all non-combat personnel belong to this Command Division, with some exceptions, and even those who are qualified to pilot Orb's mobile weapons are rarely given the chance to pilot anything other than stock units. With dedication and meritorious service, however, even the most obscure Privates may find themselves up for promotion to Senior Command without passing through the other three ranks, though such a thing has only happened a handful of times.


  • Sergeant Major


  • Sergeant


  • Leading Private


  • Private


 Non-Comissioned Officer

Chief Petty Officer


First-class Petty Officer


Second-class Petty Officer


Enlisted personnel

First-class Crewman


Second-class Crewman




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