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Anya Johansson

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Full name: Anya Johansson
Faction: Kingdom of Scandinavia
Rank: Princess of Scandinavia, Duchess of Sweden
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 1.78 metres
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Her eyes were pale blue. They gave icy stares that did not melt even when she is burning with unbridled anger.
Hair: Anya had long, pale blonde hair. She enjoyed doing up her hair and has a team of personal hair stylists to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends.
Skin: Anya had a pale complexion of one who has been sheltered indoors since young.
Handiness: Right-handed


The princess had a foul temper. She vented her frustrations on her subjects. Her stature allowed her to get what she wanted, even if it meant bending rules. If that did not suffice, she would rely on making threats that often involved the mention of the King and Queen or the career and reputation of the persons involved. It did not help that the princess was quick to anger. To sum it up simply, Anya was a royal pain, pun intended.

Strengths and weaknesses

Princess Anya's quick temper often led to her doing and saying things that she would end up regretting. Her rash and wilful behaviour stemmed from her being spoilt as the youngest and the only girl among the royal children.

Growing up with servants to tend to her daily needs made her overly reliant on others to serve her. Her maids helped her dress and undress. They even bathed her. Her royal entourage was known for its size, and was often reported on by entertainment media outlets.


Anya had a slender figure that is the envy other women in the Kingdom. However, Anya was dissatisfied with the amount of flattering curves bestowed on her body, which were on the lower end of the scale for women of the Scandinavian kingdom. Her lean body hid the fact that she was physically strong for a lady of her size. The children of the royal family were pampered from young and were draped in the finest clothing available since birth. Being the only daughter to the royal couple, Anya received even more attention from her parents, the noblewomen and the maids that served the royal family. She wore clothes from the latest works of world-class designers, especially the Romero line of clothing. She was never seen without a ring bearing the secret emblem of the royal family.


The youngest of three royal siblings, Anya was often pampered by the people around her. Her status as the royal princess of the Kingdom of Scandinavia gave her much power and stature to begin with, and being the youngest in the family made others pamper and defend her even more. Despite her tantrums and wrongdoings, she would always get away with it. Little Anya could get whatever she wanted. If she could not, her tears would melt the firmest of hearts and she would eventually get her way.

As she grew older, Anya became even more atrocious in her behaviour. She became manipulative and often used her parents name or her stature to bend the rules when she was in the wrong. She did not hesitate to lie and threaten to get things done her way. The only person who could stop her from doing more harm were her parents. However, Anya could still get what she wanted with her various ways of charming her parents into agreeing with her.

Tragedy struck the royal family when Anya was only fifteen. Queen Kiersten Gehard died of illness, despite the best efforts of the best doctors in the world. A rare, incurable disease took the life of Anya's mother, and in doing so, it seemingly unleashed the demon within the teenage princess. The spoilt princess became very irritable and her fury was worse than before. Instead of simply making threats and throwing tantrums, she hit the servants and smashed dishes to vent her frustration. Even King Gottfrid Johansson was unable to keep her under control anymore, and eventually, he simply gave up.

Despite Anya's shortcomings, she was a talented princess. She excelled in whatever she did. Others might attribute it to her threats and blackmailing but the princess achieved it all with her own abilities, most of the time. Anya topped her class and was a fine athlete. She was involved in ballet, gymnastics and kick-boxing as her extra-curricular activities.

Even those who hated her fervently would grudgingly agree that she was a better leader and a more charismatic speaker than her brother, Ragnar. Only her temperament kept her from making the right judgment and carrying herself as a leader of a nation should. That and the fact that her brother ascended the throne due to him being the elder child.

Anya took up more responsibilities in the running of the Kingdom when she turned 21. She had to act in her capacity as the Duchess of Sweden, the title bestowed upon her by her father when she was young. That required her to attend the numerous functions held by the nobles as well as making visits to foreign nations. Although the princess tried her best to restraint her temper while she was representing the Kingdom in international functions, there were several times when her anger flared, leaving the victims with liquor dripping down their face or a black eye or some broken teeth. When protests from the involved representatives' nations became harder and harder to pacify, King Ragnar decided to reduce Anya's foreign public appearances to those that included his attendance.







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